Train Running Status: Indian Railways established a new subsidiary for online ticket booking known as IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation). The main idea to launch this website is to provide catering, tourism and online booking for the passengers travelling by train.

As the technology progresses daily, everything is made to be available online. Earlier people use to go to railway stations to book their tickets. Long queues were common and regular. There was quite confusion at that time to cancel or allocate the seat in the train.

Reservations made the work easier to the railways. Passengers travelling through train would get their seats reserved so that no other person can occupy in the journey time. Online booking has massively changed the face of Indian Railways.

As the number of Internet users increase day by day, IRCTC focused everything to be available in web such as

  • Online ticket booking
  • PNR status- Check
  • Train Time-table
  • Book/Cancel ticket anytime
  • Seat availability etc.

Now passengers can get every detail of their running train.

In those days, I used to prefer the train for longer destinations. There was limit use of Internet at that time and most of the people couldn’t afford it. So whenever I used to get stuck in traffic, I use to get worried most of the time like what if I missed my train.

Now with the times changing and Internet became cheaper everyone can now locate their journey train using the GPS.

Track Your Current Train Running Status on Official Website

Current Train Running Status Online

There are several options that we can track our current Train Running Status online. Indian railways had already launched a web application. Apart from the Indian railways official website, there are more websites which gives the current running train information on in a real-time. – A simple Web Portal Where You Can Track Your Current Running Train

Running Train Web portal application was launched by kanakesh Marri, founder of SEMleap Digital Media Private Limited – is tied up with the other well established companies in India, and launched this application.

How It Works?

How Running Train Portal works? Here is the quick guide for those people who were looking out for how to use this application.

Well, it quite an easy process.

If just booked your train ticket and no idea where the train is? And, what stage the train is currently left? Is that train delayed? There here we go.

Just open the official website running train status and enter your current running train number. Click on submit. Once you click on submit. The following information will display on the site.

  • Train Number – For the confirmation the train number will be display again. If the train number is wrong, it will suggest you to enter the right phone number.
  • Train Name – You will get to know the Train Name. Below we share an example how it look alike please do check it out.
  • Position – You will get to know the current position of the train. On what stage the train is left & on what stage the train is approaching.
  • Delayed – Also, get to know if the train is delayed by mints/hours. All the data which is uploaded on the site in real-time, and will get updated each second.

Not only, the running train website – There are plenty of other websites are available on the web with the same similarities to track current live train status like spot your train, official Indian Railways website.

Let we take an Example of Current Train Running Status Online

Consider the train number is “ 11019 “. Once you enter the train number, just click on submit.

There by this is how the data will be display on the screen. Check out the below Image so that you will get an idea.

How To Track Current Running Train Status - IRCTC

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  • Current Train Number
  • Train Name
  • Train Position
  • Delay Time
  • Current Date

How awesome it was right. Now, you can track your current train status through running train web portal.

We hope your doubt about how to get Train Running Status online is solved now. visit our site for more queries about trains status online.