Rachel Green. Joey Tribbiani. Chandler Bing. Monica Geller. Phoebe Buffay. Ross Geller.

Do these names ring any bells?

Remember the evergreen sitcom that aired between 1994 and 2004 which still stirs up memories for people of all ages alike- whether you are a college student or a working person.

Almost everyone still likes the show.

Well, the characters here are a group of friends who are always together and have each other’s backs in funny ways (remember Joey’s dialogue from season 4: The One with the Jellyfish which went like- “Yeah, that’s right. I stepped up! She’s my friend, and she needed help. And if I have to, I’d pee on any one of you” ).

You know when you are in school the only reason you get up early and get on that bus is to see your friends again (excluding the nerds who worship knowledge) and pass another day making memories to cherish forever.

School days, I could write about them forever, and I would still have more to write!

Let’s move on from school now, though.

You know I have realised (one of the few things I have understood since college began) that friends can have your back and make your life much better even from miles away.

Like I remember this beautiful post that my best friend put up for me on Instagram from Chennai (I was in Delhi) on my birthday. She mentioned how even though I am socially stupid ( those were the days when I was not on Instagram) she loved me and she would celebrate me from 1100 km away.

It truly does not matter whether you talk to your friends every day or not. It is just those few words you get to hear from them once in a few months that keeps your battery recharged for another 5-6 months to come.

It is amazing how a very ordinary thing like a particular shop or a person’s style of talking or a T-shirt makes you suddenly remember that friend and brings a smile to your face.

So this page is for those souls who are far yet close.

Those people who know and understand you better than your family members or people around whom you spend the entire day ever will.

The stupid and shameless humans that are your source of energy just like the sun and whom you refer to as your friends.

The idiots who meet you after a year and still remember how madly in love you are with Nutella waffles or that you can’t eat spicy food.

The fools who wish you one day after your birthday gets over. They do wish you every year without fail but never on time and remind you that you are getting old with every breath you take.

The beautiful people who hear your voice and know you are unwell or something is wrong even when you succeed in pretending to be just fine around people physically close to you.

The humans who order good food for you from miles away because it is valentine’s day or you had a bad day.

The idiots who never talk to you with love or kind words, but you still know that there are uncountable jars of love hidden on their kitchen counters with your name on it (not literally- that would be seriously creepy).

These are friends with whom you don’t talk on the phone every day, but you will share their stories with your children and grandchildren when the time comes.

So hold on to these people tight. Don’t get serious if you don’t talk every day because these are the people who will help you get through life even when far away.

And have a good life!