The Human mind cannot work in chaos. Our mind easily gets distracted even with the slightest sound nearby, be it the sound of music or beep of a text message. All these things are due to a lack of concentration.

Tips for Improving Concentration

The word concentration means the power or action of focusing one’s full attention on a thing at a time. It requires great effort and time to come into action. Even with weeks of practice, it is not an easy task to boost your concentration level. The right course of action needs to be followed in order to improve the power of focus and concentration. One can easily understand and learn the concepts with a relaxed mind. Maths and Science are the subjects that require understanding and can be studied easily with a calm concentrated mind. If one needs to excel in their examination, it goes without saying that they need to be focused on their topics.

Here are a few techniques to improve concentration power:

(i) Concentration through playing: Since childhood, everyone loves to play and it is a great way to relax our mind. One can easily concentrate on their studies with a calm mind. Students can also learn through games in a classroom. Maths and Science can be taught in an amusing way, such that even difficult topics like Probability, Permutation & Combination, etc. seem to be a cakewalk for students.

(ii) Select a suitable environment: Some children do well in an environment that is calm and suitable, which helps them focus on doing things in a better way. Students can understand the concepts easily in a soothing environment. An environment has a direct effect on the mind of the student. A good environment is helpful in boosting up your confidence.

(iii) Make a time plan: It is important to have a strategy and time schedule in mind. Things can go in a haphazard manner if a proper plan is not decided. This will create chaos in work and would finally lead to confusion. Setting up a proper time target for work and studies would help to achieve the targets easily and help you to complete your task easily with higher concentration. This will help you to stay on track with less distraction that drives you towards your specific goals.

(iv) Sleep & Power Nap, An aid to concentration: Sleep can be the best aid to enhance your concentration. Proper sleep can be the best way to relax your mind. One requires 6-7 hours of sleep to have full focus on the next day.

The Human brain cannot do work for a prolonged duration, so it is necessary to take small breaks in between the work to relax your mind from your daily routine. A power nap for about half an hour after or between studies also helps to increase concentration power.

(v) Practice Meditation: Meditation techniques can be helpful to enhance your memory and concentration power at an enormous rate. Daily practice of yoga/meditation helps to stay fit and healthy, this will brighten one’s outlook and improve the concentration.

All these techniques are effective ways to improve the concentration power in subjects like mathematics and science.

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