Las Vegas is so much more than outlandish casinos and tacky architecture that is so often made to represent the desert city in the news and media. Many are oblivious to the fact that Vegas hosts events celebrating all walks of life year-round. It is considered one of the busiest entertainment centers and for a good reason. You do need a guide to find out about everything it has to offer, but you can be sure you won’t get bored no matter when you choose to visit. And don’t forget to check the rental statistics in Las Vegas, Nevada to know the current rental prices for apartments should you decide to stay in the stay.

Fremont Street Lights Up in September

Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas

Festivals are particularly popular Las Vegas events that never fail to attract crowds of people coming to experience a time of their lives. Though it is difficult to single out the best among them, Life is Beautiful festival has been especially popular in recent years. Over 100,000 visitors from all corners of the world gather in Downtown Las Vegas to enjoy music, art, and cuisine every year from September 22 to September 24. Those who’ve been lucky to attend the urban spectacle of otherworldly lights and sounds always lament its short duration – only three days to absorb and take home some of the most unbelievable memories you can hope to keep. But maybe this is part of its charm – such intensity all at once, without a moment’s rest or a chance to give your auditory and visual senses a break.

Life is Beautiful debuted in 2013 at a convenient location downtown, at the time when Las Vegas’ most famous boulevard after the Strip – Fremont, has been undergoing a major restoration that proved invaluable to the city’s look and vibe. As every fresh event in Sin City, it attracted a lot of attention, but it has a high-quality service and content to thank for its continued success. Though many planetary popular performers, artists, and speakers graced its stage, including Stevie Wonder, Sean Paul, Foo Fighters, and Lorde, it was not until 2017 that it sold out in advance for the first time since it all started.

Music, Arts, Food & Learning

Festival grounds are located in the busiest parts of the city, laid out across 18 blocks which are transformed and isolated for three days out of each year. Gambling fans are lucky, since the area is very close to the Strip and all its great casinos, gaming halls and bars, but this is not really what this event is about. For a short time, while it lasts, you’ll do much better to dedicate those 72 hours on the extraordinary and unique offerings that are set to expire so soon. Under starry skies and the hot Nevada sun, there is so much to do and see that it’s easy to lose your sense of space and time. The festival immerses you with its numerous music stages, Fremont East bar district, great food and drinks prepared by celebrated international chefs in the Culinary Village. Also, fine vines and beer brewing in Alchemy Garden, art with murals, photographs, Cirque de Soleil acts, memorabilia from past events, and even a Ferris Wheel. It is not only an excellent chance to spend leisure time and entertain yourself, but also serves as a one-of-a-kind lifestyle for young and old to pick up tips and tricks for a fulfilled 21st-century living.

In 2018, Life is Beautiful will turn 5 years old and its organizers have special plans for the milestone. Each year the offering gets better, something new is added, something faulty changed and improved, so those who plan to attend can have a lot of exciting fresh things to look forward to. In addition to bigger stages and more elaborate music and art spectacles, the organizers have promised a family-friendly atmosphere, more comedy specials and larger indoor auditoriums for big-name speakers and gurus.