Marketing is necessary for the survival and upliftment of any business. Even though you are on the top, it is necessary to carry out a lot of activities in order to stay there. Otherwise, there are other players ready to take your place. In the present article, we are discussing Things to Learn from Google Pay’s Diwali Stamp Marketing Strategy!

With the total cash flow of Rs. 55000 Crore in last year, Google Pay was at the top. Followed by PhonePe at around Rs 44,000 crore and Paytm, around Rs 38,200 crore. However, in order to stay ahead of the competitors, Google Pay has played the Master Stroke.

What is so special about Google Pay’s Diwali Stamp Marketing Strategy?

In the Business of UPI, it is all about the number of Transactions and Cashflow. Higher the number of Transactions and Cashflow, the more amount of money they make.

The Diwali Stamp Offer of Google Pay has gained a lot of popularity among the users across India. Here, the main reason is Rs. 251/- people are getting after collecting all the 5 stamps. Many people are still searching for Rangoli Stamp, which can be obtained only by doing DTH Recharge.

This entire event is an example of a perfect marketing strategy to establish itself as a Market Leader. And Here How it is happening:

They have created a good engagement program!

Marketing is all about creating engagement with the end-users. After the rollout of the Google Pay Diwali Stamp Program, there is an increase in the number of notifications from GPay.

We Indians Love free money and cashback. Gaining the advantage of our same belief, GPay laid out this plan. In order to get Rs. 251/- Cashback, people are carrying out Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge and numerous money transfers of thousands of value.

People have to spend money on these expenses either way. However, because of the Google Pay Diwali Stamp Program, they are choosing Digital Method instead of cash or other UPI Platforms.

Word of Mouth Marketing!

It is believed that nothing is more impactful than the word of mouth marketing. Through this Diwali Stamp Program, GPay has acquired new users. People are openly talking about Diwali Stamps and hence many new people are enrolling in the same.

As a result, GPay is developing a strengthened user base which will stick to them over the period of time.

Taking benefits from the initiatives of Competitors!

During the last one year, PayTM, Google Pay and PhonePE have tried to reach every major shop in India. Due to this, we can notice the scanners of all these apps at the shops. However, the major drawback of these scanners for these companies is that people can pay through any of the apps irrespective of the scanner in place.

Therefore, with the Diwali Stamp program, people paid through Google Pay even though the scanners were of different UPI Apps. Isn’t this a huge masterstroke?

Although GPay is giving away a lot of cashback this festive season, they are developing a loyal customer base which will stick to it for a long time duration. Thank you for reading this article, have fun scratching!