The Chadar Trek could soon become History: Here’s Why!


The Chadar Trek is one of the most thrilling treks in India. The trek is famous for its breathtaking beauty of the snow-covered Himalayas. Moreover, the experience of walking on the frozen Zanskar river in Ladakh adds more to the adventure. However, all of this could soon become history. Starting from 2020 you may not even get a chance to go for this amazing trek.

The main reason behind this is partly because of global warming and careless human beings. Due to both the reasons, the frozen Zanskar river might cease to exist by 2020. There was a time when the Chadar Trek was only taken by the locals of the Zanskar region to get their everyday supplies from the main towns during peak winter. However, the 105 KM long trek has become a major trekking destination in Jammu and Kashmir.

Thousands of trekkers from India and around the globe come to take this trek every year. The number of people raised rapidly in recent years and during peak season it is common to see a trail of around 300-400 people every day. All of this comes at a cost. The litter and waste left by thousands of people are doing huge harm to nature and this is a serious concern which we should think about.

The motive of this post is not to discourage you or anyone taking the trek. We want to create awareness regarding these serious issues. If we travellers don’t be responsible enough then we might soon end up losing this natural wonders to global warming. Thus, try to collect all your garbage and bring those down with you. We need to think about eco-tourism so that even the next generation can see all these wonders of our country.

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