The President of United States Donald Trump has proposed to mediate in Kashmir dispute between the country Pakistan and the country India. He said if mediation is required, then it should be done. He said this statement in a meeting where he was with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan who is currently present in the White House located in Washington DC.

There was a conversation held between Imran Khan and Donal Trump in which Mr. Trump told to Imran Khan that the honorable prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi has requested him to mediate in the dispute between the neighboring countries. On this, Trump told Imran Khan that he would love to be the part of this entire event and he will try his best to help them out if needed.


Apart from this, Trump also added that he would love to visit Pakistan if he will be ever invited and according to him there is a major role of both the countries when it comes to the sensitive issue such as Kashmir dispute.

To the reply, Imran Khan told Trump that it is an amazing proposal and accepted the offer. He also added that if the dispute between the two countries is solved then it will be beneficial for millions of people living there.

However, a statement has been released by the White House in which they have told that during the meeting of Trump and Imran Khan, there was no discussion about Kashmir.

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