Planning a trip to Thailand but regretting not having a visa? Ah! You are just wasting your energy. Wondering how? Because now my mates, Thailand is all set to welcome you onboard and it doesn’t matter whether you have an existing visa or not.

Thailand is a beauty and not only Americans but people from around the globe dream of exploring the road of Pattaya, Bangkok, Krabi, and many more. To date, in order to place your foot on the grounds of the country, the visa was mandatory if you are visiting from India or Taiwan but now you can do it without a visa.

Though this is not a permanent decision, Thailand is boosting tourism in the country and hence it has declared the removal of visas exclusively for India and Taiwan.

Starting from 10th November 2023 to 10th May 2024, any tourist visiting Thailand between these dates doesn’t need to have a visa handy. Every year more than 30 million tourists visit Thailand and stay there at least for 1 week which generates a good amount of money for the Thailand government.

To make sure that this does not stop, the government has decided to remove visa requirements for Indians as November to May, is the peak season in which maximum tourists visit Thailand.

Things to Do in Thailand:

Apart from chilling at beaches, you can go sightseeing in Bangkok city, you can explore the ancient and heritage collection of Thailand to learn more about its religion and culture.

The hills of Chiang Mai are one of the major attractions that you should not miss. And of course, how can you miss exploring the Buddhist temples right? You see, Thailand has many things to offer you.

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