Well, this is sad! We all live for food or some eat food to live, food is common in both scenarios. Food is something that makes us happy and sometimes it happens that we crave endlessly for our favorite food and we end up by doing over-eating which in future results in weight gain of course. We all do over-eating by saying to ourselves like we will burn more calories in the gym the next day and those who do not go to the gym, do some exercise at home or eat less for few days.

Study Says Eating Less Slows Aging & Helps You Live Longer

The thing we all ignore here is, that over-eating can really harm our health system and body in a very bad way. Just because at the moment we are young we are not realizing the cons and we are just enjoying eating at the eatery, the fact is we all will suffer if we do not take care of our eating habits.

Recently a study was done by the researchers from the US that got published in the journal Cell, their studies and research says that if you eat food daily that is less in calories then it will help your body to reduce the inflammation that is made in your body and because of that you will not observe aging on your body before the right age.

So yes, if you do not want to look old when you are actually young then improve your eating habits and especially avoid over-eating. Take a healthy diet, keep a cheat day and have your favorite meal on that defined cheat day only but that too in a limit. Avoid eating at stalls, they repeat the same oil again and again and eating food from there may result into food poison also. If you are a real foodie, find someplace that is good in hygiene and can serve you your favorite dish. Stay healthy and look young!