You might not believe this but people who are crazy for iPhone actually sell their kidneys. They are so crazy about using the iPhone that they can go to any extent to buy it if they don’t have the fund for it. Apple, undoubtedly marked its name on the top in the smartphone world and no one can beat the features iPhone have. The camera is excellent, the smoothness of touch is commendable and of course, the user interface is remarkable and that is why iPhone attracts billions of smartphone lovers towards itself.

Family's iPhone 11 Fell In A Lake: It Survived Two Months Underwater, And Works Just Fine

Recently Apple launched it’s brand new model iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro and soon it got launched into the market, hundreds of pieces were sold within a few days.

A family who owned iPhone 11 was hanging out at the Disney World in Montana, United States when the lady accidentally dropped her iPhone 11 in the lake.

Feeling devastated, she, her husband and her daughter returned from their leaving their contact details with the Disney World’s authorities hoping that they will find out their iPhone 11 from the lake and the amazing thing is they did it.

However, Lisa was happy to the endless extend when she got a call from the Disney world authorities after two months that they have recovered her iPhone 11 and told her to come and collect the device.

The most shocking thing was her iPhone 11 was working perfectly fine and she was able to see all of her contacts and pictures that she took two months before in Disney World.

Apple has always mentioned that iPhone is water-resistance and this incident has proved that this is 100% true. Whenever you visit an amusement park, take care of your belongings because you have paid a good amount to buy it. Don’t take them to places where it is risky.