Both, the Sindhi as well as the Punjabi cultures are rich and diverse. And due to a lot of similarities between the two, the upbringing of daughters in both the families- Sindhi and Punjabi is pretty much the same. But still, there are considerable differences between the two!

So, Sindhi Girl or Punjabi Girl? Patiala Salwar or Glamorous Lehengas? Butter chicken or Sindhi Biryani?

Figure out who you like better among the two, and tell us your verdict!

1. The Vivah:


There’s no Vivah Mahotsav like a Punjabi Shaadi! After all, you spend all those nights dancing to the tunes of Bhangra with your Punjabi Girl!

But then, there’s the Sindhi Shaadi- a La Grand! Everything from the decor, the music, the attire to the open bar and the food- is top notch! Oh, and the rituals end pretty quickly- so more time to party with your Sindhi girl!


2. Pet Pooja:

While Punjabi girls are total pros when it comes to Dal Makhani, Murg Makhani, Butter Naan and Sarson da Saag, Sindhi girls are not left far behind! Their culinary skills take you to heaven- via the Dal Pakwaan, Koki, Sai Bhaji, Sindhi Kadhi, Biryani route!


My mouth is already watering!


3. Dil, Dosti, etc.

Punjabi girls are totally adored by their friends and family. They’re loud and emo, but totally genuine at heart. They would do anything for their friends!


Sindhi girls come from huge, enormous joint families and are used to always being surrounded by the people they love. They are warm and loving, and the most Blingy friends one could ever have! Totally fashion forward 😉


4. Desi- SWAG

Punjabi girls look like princesses in those Salwars, Parandis, and Jutis! And, they’re so so comfy!


Sindhi girls are glamorous- Bling is their middle name! And they can carry all those gorgeous Lehengas, Sarees, and dresses like a pro! (Plus, the diamonds- of course!)

5. Tyohaar Celebrations:

Punjabi girls are fun loving and this can be seen especially during the festive season. The house overflows with food! And with all the gappe-shuppe going around- who has the time for a dull moment?


Sindhi girls need just the silliest reason to celebrate. With booze and food. ‘Nuff said!



6. Padosi- Dharm:

If you ever run out of milk, ghee, dahi, or even dhania, don’t think twice, just holler at your Punjabi girl/ neighbour!


But, if you’re looking for a 4am friend in times of trouble, a Sindhi girl will come to your rescue!

7. Jeevan Mahatva!


While Punjabi girls have a totally positive vibe, and will radiate positivity everywhere she goes, your Sindhi girl will teach you how to “Live Life, King Size”!

Tough Competition, right? Who do you think wins?