The rate of COVID19 cases in Vadodara is quite stable for a long time. There is neither a major increase nor a major decrease in daily cases. Daily we notice the cases in between the line of 40 to 50 and the tests a little above 180! However, the local media is criticizing the VMSS (Vadodara Mahanagar Sevasadan) for late death audits.

Stable Increase in COVID19 Cases in Vadodara
Image Via: Traveling Eyesight

Because of the delay in the death audits, the number of people who actually died of COVID19 and the number of papers are different! Certain sources are also reporting that the number of people who have actually died of Coronavirus in the city can be three times the actual figure of 50 what VMSS is showing!

Since Monday evening, the city & nearby villages reported 44 new coronavirus positive cases! There is also an increase in the death toll by 3. Out of the 50 casualties in the city, 43 of them died due to other health illnesses. While only 7 died primarily because of Coronavirus.

Till now, Vadodara has reported a total of 1651 COVID19 cases in the city. Out of them, 1092 have completely recovered from Corona. While 509 active coronavirus patients are still under treatment in the city! There is also good news for all the Barodians out there. Against 44 new cases in the city, we also noticed 62 new recoveries.

The north and the south zone of the city are worst-hit by Coronavirus. With 14 cases each in these zones, maximum cases are coming from this area. The other 7 cases were from the east zone. West zone of Vadodara is safest to live with no COVID19 cases! It is quite noteworthy that the rural Vadodara witnessed 9 new Coronavirus patients.

Among these rural patients, one is a doctor from Sevasi who has tested COVID19 positive!

Let’s hope, the recovery goes quickly and Vadodara again becomes a happy place to live!