It seems that monsoon has brought some good news for Mumbai. Today, Mumbai is reporting less than 1000 cases after almost a month. Earlier on May 16, there were less than 1000 COVID19 cases in Mumbai. Now, after exactly a month or to be precise 31 days, Mumbai is reporting 941 coronavirus cases in a day!

What is the current COVID19 scenario in Mumbai?


Today, the death toll of the city stands at 3165, with 55 COVID19 deaths in the last 24 hours. Out of these 55, 34 people were going through other health issues also. It is noteworthy, that the total number of COVID19 cases in Mumbai is at 60,142.

Another good news for the city is that today Mumbai is witness 915 recoveries of patients from Coronavirus. Till now, 31,040 people have completely recovered from Coronavirus in Mumbai. The number of active cases in the city is at 25,937.

Till today, 2,64,580 COVID19 tests are conducted by BMC and private labs in Mumbai. The cities current growth rate of coronavirus is 2.49%. Maybe the situations are getting in control in the city. But trusting the numbers is getting crucial now.

We already mentioned about Unreported Death in Mumbai: 451 Deaths Missing From BMC Reports | Data Update in Process in our article. It seems that the data is updated now. Hence, the Maharashtra Government today added 1328 new numbers of COVID19 related deaths in the state.

These numbers are emerging after the reconciliation of data through various district officials! Out of these 1328 deaths, 862 deaths belong only to Mumbai.

The opposition is already on toes to fight against the ruling government for their criminal negligence. It is a serious offense of undermining the number of deaths in the state. Let’s see, what comes out after investigation (if it happens)!