50+ Funny Ok, So That Was A Lie Memes That Are Super Funny


According to Tyler the Creator, a rapper, while interviewing, said, “Ok, so that was a lie. ” Thus Ok So That Was A Lie Meme has taken on a life. People love to use photos with text to make caustic comments on current events and news items worldwide.

50+ Funny Ok, So That Was A Lie Memes That Are Super Funny

Let’s check out the funniest memes here.

So That Was A Lie Meme So That Was A Lie Meme So That Was A Lie Meme So That Was A Lie Meme

Origin of  Ok, so that was a lie

On October 13th, 2014, Mass Appeal magazine released a video titled “Inside The Cover #55: Eric Andre and Tyler, The Creator.” In the video, Tyler, the Creator, and Eric Andre pose for the cover of the magazine (shown below). Andre adds that they’ve been there in a magazine article at one point.

“A man: *breathes* Me” was the caption used by @cakefacedcutie on November 24th, 2017, on Twitter. The post earned more than 32,000 retweets and 81,000 likes on Instagram in less than a year. Later, the “ok, so that was a lie” memes started.

Meaning of  Ok, so that was a lie

While “That was also there as an outright falsehood” in many different contexts, the phrase has become a practical approach to call out bogus claims. Self-deprecating humor is prevalent in several of the renditions. The following is an example of a well-known one: I can tell this one is different. I don’t think he is like the rest. “That was a fucking lie,” I told myself one week later. This type of trend added to, ok, so that was a lie meme.

Spread of Ok, so that was a lie

People utilized the reaction image in various scenarios during the following year. For instance, the next day, Facebook user biotchcode posted a version with the description “me: ‘I think I’m doing better.'” More than 1,200 people reacted, and there were 580 shares of the message (shown below, left).

Reddit user Holofan4life posted a variation with the comment “University is better because you’re studying what you genuinely want to do” several months later. In less than a year, the post garnered more than 4,400 points (96 percent upvoted) and 90 comments (shown below, center).

It was posted on the /r/MemeEconomy subreddit on November 1st by Redditor Mciscool200 and earned over 400 points (97 percent upvoted) and 240 comments in just 24 hours (shown below, right).

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