College is time then we learn a great deal about ourselves and about the world around us. But, along with all the good things, unfortunately, some students also experience the bad side of college. Crimes on campus do occur across the country. Thankfully, due to a federal law known as the Clery Act, information about crimes is available to the general public.

Naturally, as a student looking to attend college, you want to know everything about the institution you’ll be attending, including what type of environment you should expect. One study useful in this regard is the safest college campuses in the U.S. research by Nuwber.

Safest College Campuses in the U.S

For the research, Nuwber took information from the Campus Crime Statistics and The Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting. The study included four-year nonprofit, public and private colleges and universities with a strength of 2,000 or more students. The universities were compared state wise. Based on the study, here are 10 of the best college campuses in the US when it comes to safety.

1) Alabama – Athens State University

The 3,114 student population Will be pleased to know that Athens State University had a 0 ranking for disciplinary actions, hate crimes, sexual offenses, violent actions against women, and non-sexual offenses. Their arrest numbers are at 0.96 crimes per 1000 students. Moreover, the university has implemented a protocol for access to facilities, prevention of emergencies, and responding to incidents.

2) Alaska – University of Alaska Anchorage

The University of Alaska Anchorage has over 15,700 students and under 0.1 cases per 1000 students of arrest and sexual offenses. Similarly, the cases for violence against women are 0.7 per 1000 students, and a clean record when it comes to hate crimes. The students’ well-being is the university’s top priority. Therefore, the school provides them with various facilities for their general safety along with resources for physical and mental health.

3) Arizona – Arizona State University-West

Besides 0.74 cases involving violence against women per 1000 students, the 4,063 population public liberal arts university has no other types of crimes on record: no reported hate crimes, criminal reports, or sexual and non-sexual violations. Arizona State University-West aims to educate everyone – students, staff, as well as faculty – on how to handle emergency situations. Moreover, they provide students and parents with resources to ensure safety on and off the college campus.

4) Arkansas – John Brown University

Known to be the safest school in Arkansas, John Brown University has a clean slate when it comes to arrests, non-sexual offenses, and hate crimes. In terms of sexual offenses, the 2,613 population liberal arts school has a low rating of 0.38 offenses per 1000. In terms of the resources provided to students, information related to emergency contacts and procedures is available on the university website, along with information for incident reporting, security personal, etc.

5) California – National University

The 17,090 plus population National University is located in La Jolla, California. The private university beats other State institutions and has no hate crimes, sexual offenses, disciplinary actions, or violence towards women. The National University site lists emergency contacts, safety contacts, and walkthroughs of safety measures that can be done during different situations.

6) Colorado – Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University is a private, interdenominational liberal arts university with a population of over 7,390. The numbers for the university per 1000 students are as follows: 0.27 for arrests, 1.48 for criminal offenses, and 0.81 for disciplinary actions. Besides these small numbers, there are no cases of sexual offenses, hate crimes, or violence towards women. The school’s Office Campus of Safety and Security has officers as well as staff members that the students’ can approach any time of day, throughout the week and on weekends as well.

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7) Connecticut – University of Saint Joseph

The Roman Catholic institution is located in West Hartford, Connecticut. The 2,405 population school used to be an all-girls school. The admission of male students into full-time undergraduate courses started last year. The university has a clean record for arrests and hate crimes, and a small number of incidents of disciplinary actions, sexual and non-sexual violations, and violence towards women. There are officers that patrol the vicinity regularly, security threat alerts sent via text, and other resources for emergency assistance.

8) Hawaii – Chaminade University of Honolulu

A private Marianist university in Kaimuki, Honolulu, Chaminade University has a population of 2,389. Per 1000 students, the school recorded 0.83 non-sexual criminal violations, no arrests, no sex-related offenses, or violence towards women, and 4.19 for disciplinary action. To ensure the safety of students, the university is collaborating with the security services company Allied Universal.

9) Illinois – Northeastern Illinois University

A public university with over 8,900 students, Chicago-based Northeastern Illinois University had no reported incidents of hate-related or sex-related crimes. There were however a small number of incidents of violence towards women, with 0.22 per 1,000 students. To ensure crime prevention and safety, the community around the university works with University Police throughout the week. Moreover, the university provides easy to understand safety information and there’s also a police blotter to maintain awareness.

10) New York – Touro College

Touro College has a strength of 11,908 and it’s one of the institutions belonging to an NY-based private university system. The college has the following record per 1000 students: 0.25 cases for disciplinary actions and zero cases for hate crime, arrests, sexual and non-sexual crimes, or violence towards women. To ensure the safety of all concerned parties, the college has a 24-hour hotline and many other resources for educating about how to respond to crime.

Wrapup on Safest College Campuses in the U.S

For the purpose of this calculation, the researchers give different weights to different crimes. The disciplinary action rate had a weight of 3% in the calculations, while hate crimes rate had a weight of 28%. The sexual and non-sexual criminal offenses had weights of 20% and 23% respectively. Violence against women was 16% and the arrest rate was at 9%.