10 Retro Looks For 2018 That Will Help You Create A Style Statement


Fashion changes from time to time and guess what? The retro look is back in fashion, One day a thing is in and in a couple of days, there is a new thing which is in fashion. Well, talking about fashion there are some looks that are evergreen and most of them have to be retro looks. The term ‘Retro’ means imitative of a style from the recent past. So, with festive and wedding season around are you planning to be the center of attraction at a party? If yes, then how about trying any of these 10 retro looks that goes best with the occasion.

Heads Up With The Headband

retro look

Retro Look

They were a trend in the 80’s and even the 90’s but lost its charm during the early 2000’s, however, they are back in fashion. Yes, I am talking about ‘The Headbands’. Support a totally different look by accessorizing your attire with a classy headband. To look the best wear it with a black colored polyester spaghetti top with a pair of grey shorts and black boots.

Mermaid Sarees

retro look bollywood

Retro Look Bollywood

They created a buzz in the 80’s as many of the popular female actors were seen donning mermaid sarees in their films. This style of sarees has made a bang on a comeback and is very much in these days. Be it a wedding or any festive party, you will surely be the eye catcher by donning a mermaid saree and supporting that perfect retro look. It looks best with high heels and a high side bun. Don’t forget the winked eye liner to complete the look.


Anarkali retro look

Anarkali Retro Look

From a simple girl to that sassy girl, you can flaunt the look you want, thanks to this ethnic wear. It created a buzz during the 80’ and the 90’s and is now back in action. Yes, I am talking about the Anarkalis. You can do it on any occasion be it a wedding or a pre-Diwali party and dazzle the function like diva.

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The Prints

The prints are back with a bang. Though there are a wide variety of prints from florals to abstracts and what not the two types of prints that are super in these days are Polka Dots and Paisley. Remember, the printed georgette shirt with polka dots teamed up with a mini skirt and boots look. Well, how about supporting the same look at any of the upcoming parties?


Quite popular during the 80’s, Angrakhas are again in limelight. Designed to perfection, this is definitely a wardrobe essential. Support that classy retro look at any of the parties by donning an Angrakha with a pair of leggings and pumps.


midi retro look

Midi Retro Look

Sophisticated is the word that perfectly describes the below knee length dresses, popularly known as Midis. There were very much in during the 70’s and the 80’s and are currently creating a buzz in the fashion market. To enhance the sophistication of your look you can accessorize it with a bow-shaped hair band and a belt.

Bell Bottoms

bell bottom retro look

Bell Bottom Retro Look

Groove the party that you are going to in style by donning a pair of bell bottoms with a crop top or crop shirt and a pair of nice footwear and you are surely going to fetch oodles of compliments for this retro look.

High Waist Jeans

Who said that high waist jeans can’t be outrageous? Well, that all depends upon your overall attire. So be bold and team up your high waist jeans with a checkered shirt and a pair of ankle length boots and be ready to rock the world.

Poodle Skirt

Go retro this season by donning a light colored poodle skirt with a contrast colored crop top. This type of skirts was in during the 50’s era and is now back in fashion. Giving that princess like feel to any girl, it will surely make you the head turner at any party. You can complete the look by wearing teaming it up with a pair of peep toes.


fedora retro look

Fedora Retro Look

Gone are those days when fedoras were worn by men. With gender equality and feminism going around, girls are not behind even when it comes to fashion. So to all the ladies out there, give your attire a retro touch and support that perfect retro look this season by donning a fedora. A fedora looks best with a dress or an overcoat.

So, these were the top 10 retro looks that you can opt and be the eye catcher anywhere and everywhere you go. You can obviously add and subtract as per your requirements and fashion taste. Do your makeup according to the look you are planning to choose and be ready to get bunch of compliments!

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