This situation is painfully familiar when the third wheel appears in the ideal relationship of the couple. What does it mean to be a third wheel? If you try to interfere in the relationship of two people, they have the right to perceive you as a third wheel, a person who snoops around into one’s life. Being the third wheel, you can be perceived as a bad case of diarrhea in the subway, or a plus sign in front of the result of the analysis for STD, it is always unexpected and tragic. To confront this phenomenon, it is necessary to find out its causes. What is a third wheel? A third wheel is not necessarily a male friend or a woman friend. They may be one of the parents, a brother or a sister, or even a child.

love triangle

  1. A feeling of own relevance.

In this case, the third wheel is afraid of losing importance in the eyes of a loved one who has got a personal life. Their behavior can be interpreted as follows:

  •    The need to feel special. Even if someone has a relationship, this third wheel will try to horn in on there. This will turn into attempts to give advice on how to communicate correctly and where to go.  Every second of such a person will be dedicated to someone else’s private life. 
  •    The need to feel important. A couple, in the opinion of a third wheel, must pay all their attention exclusively to their person. However, if they do not do that, then it does not matter: a third wheel will cope with attracting their attention. 
  •    The need to feel useful.  A third wheel will give endless advice to a couple or to one of the partners. At the moment when another partner knows about that, there may be misunderstandings and fears that a personal life can become public. 
  •    The desire to compare. For example, such a third wheel thinks, “My friend has a girlfriend, but I do not. Am I worse? I did not succeed. Why?” Such questions are typical for such people. They cannot live and develop in their own way, but they compare themselves to the person constantly. The desire, “not to be worse” is so strong that they make efforts to interfere in the personal lives of other people. How not to be a third wheel? Live your own life.
  1. Dependence on someone.

Imagine a situation in which there are two friends who are thick as thieves, and one of them meets a soulmate. Another one is a bit restless because he does not know what to do. In this situation, he will start interfering in the relationship of his friend and will feel comfortable because it’s so natural for him to be in the company of his best friend. However, the couple will hardly appreciate that.

  1. Jealousy and envy.

Most likely, communication with a third wheel will be ceased because the envious person becomes someone who will sabotage the relationship in all possible ways. One of the partners will constantly hear reproaches in their address, and another one will listen to only negative things. As a rule, such a third wheel is excluded from the social circle over time because envious people, as well as inadequate jealous people, are needed by very few people. How to deal with being a third wheel? Just stop being jealous.

  1. Loneliness.

Let’s look at the situation in which a mother has raised her son all her life alone. However, now, he is grown up, and he has met a girl with whom he spends most of the time. The mother can think that she is lonely, and nobody loves her. Driven by fear, she begins to interfere with all the nuances of the couple’s relationship. This behavior is motivated not by the desire to tear the partners apart but by simple fear of being alone. In another case, a potential partner of her son can be regarded as a threat because the son can stop communicating with her. This behavior is motivated by the fear of losing her beloved son.

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