100’s of movies and Tv shows has told us the significance of our Best friend’s and how much important they are in our life. They are basically backbone to our problems which we can share with them openly and we are sure we will get the correct solution and guidance from them. We have laughed with them and at the same time cried on their shoulders during bad times. Best friends are everything to us.

But do you know that for women, No one in life is more important to them then their BFF and guess what no one in the world can replace them, not even their true love. You heard it right and we are sure most of you might have experienced it already.

This is Why Women Like Their BFFs More Than Their Boyfriend & Husband

Today we are going to tell you some power packed solid reasons why women like their BFFs more than their boyfriend & husband. Keep reading to know about it. You are going to have a lot of fun.

The main reason is that Women tend to share each and every secret with their BFFs and are open to them about everything, but cannot talk to their boyfriend or husband with open heart.

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Women tend to have a different personality when they are around with their BFFs. In front of their husband they are shy and don’t speak out much. (Basically a totally different personality)

bffs attitude

When in trouble Women will always go and discuss things with their BFF first as they think that they give way better advice then their Husband or Boyfriend.


Some times girls even feel that their BFF has better sense of humour & they can make them laugh at any point of time. Well, this is what might make most men jealous, but this is a true fact.

Also women feel that they have more things common with their BFFs then their Husband or Boyfriends.

bff forever and ever

Guys Chill, Please don’t get serious, You don’t need to get jealous, Just let them continue the BFF bond.