Are you searching for YouTube Alternatives? Well as you know that YouTube is one of the most accepted websites to upload videos and watch almost any streaming video for free, and the traffic on the site is in billions daily. However, many other websites are also popular like YouTube. Are you aware of them? Do you know these platforms where you can watch videos of varied subjects as of YouTube? How about getting a list of top 10 best YouTube alternatives and surfing them for the contents?

Top 10 Best YouTube Alternatives To Watch Music Videos Online

YouTube Alternatives

Though there are thousands of video streaming websites like YouTube, not many can be at par with it except the toppers in the list and let us have a look at what they offer.

1) Dailymotion

This video sharing platform works like YouTube and entering the website one can see the latest trending videos that are loaded on the home page as well as can search the sites for categorized watching. One can upload videos within 4 GB and have duration of 60 minutes. Their policies of copyright are straightforward and if the content loader wants to add advertisements against payment that can be done too. The contents found in Dailymotion are of high quality, and the webpage is somewhat similar to YouTube.

2) Vimeo

If you are an artist or a filmmaker with repute you can host your videos on this site so that people can enjoy them watching. The website is top-rated amongst serious viewers and performers who want to watch the classic contents and not like hair fall treatments and acne removal solutions. One can watch excellent creative works on music, dance, photography or any creative video of value. The website has stringent guidelines for uploading videos and one can enjoy HD contents that are OF 4K Ultra with HDR. The website runs on donations, and the site is absolutely advertisement free giving an interrupted view. The interface of the website is brilliant and the webpage is well designed for easy search of videos.

3) Metacafe

This is one of the oldest platforms that do streaming, and it was launched in 2003. It is a website where short 90 seconds videos to amuse and entertain the viewers can be found. The site is suitable for boosting up the mood. With the numbers of viewership growing every moment, it has almost 40 million subscribers. It is a website where one can get to see natural videos and laugh to heart’s content that is uploaded by amateur shooters. It is one of the best YouTube Alternatives for short 90 seconds content to ease out the tension inside.

4) DTube

With the inroads of blockchain technology in almost every field, this website has emerged and is as good as YouTube. The site is decentralized, and one can get the latest hot and trending videos. One can save the videos for watching at a later time, and the website has a tagging provision to catch hold of the latest contents that has gone viral. The platform is advertisement free, and the users do not need to make any initial deposits. The best part of DTube is one gets rewarded with Steem crypto-currency after uploading a video. One can comment about the videos that they watched and get a chance to earn money too.

5) Veoh

The website is another best alternative of YouTube where one can easily personalize the experience of online viewing and can catch hold of the desired videos quickly. The website is perfect for watching videos with long durations and users can upload videos of any length. The site has a collection of almost all movies, soap operas, and animations. The interface is very clean, and it has many social networking features like adding contacts, messaging directly or creating groups. It is best to upload and watch the unlimited length of videos.

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6) Internet Archive’s Video Section

As the name suggests there is a variety of contents in this platform and is another best YouTube alternative. One can set the filters and watch their favorite videos. It has many rare collections that are not available in any other sites including YouTube. Uploading videos are free. It is the perfect website to watch the old documentaries, shows, and serials.


This is a platform offered by the operators of Instagram, and it is known as Instagram TV. It was launched sometime back and is already posing a challenge to YouTube, and many long videos can be watched. However, the videos can be watched only on smartphones after downloading the app, but one can upload videos through their pc. One can watch videos based on personal choices. An Instagram account is to be opened to view some of the best videos on IGTV.

8) 9Gag TV

This is a purely an entertaining platform that contains much entertainment in various forms like the GIF’s, memes or the images. There are thousands of funny videos that can be watched for unlimited entertainment to ease the tension of the mind. One can browse in their “WOW “and “WTF” sections to get the desired video for watching.

9) The Open Video Project

If you are interested in very serious videos then this is the website that can work as the YouTube Alternatives. It is more or less a video library having 195 segments that include documentaries and historical and educational contents. One can set the filter to watch the videos of their choices.

10) Vevo

It is one of the best YouTube Alternatives for watching the best music albums. Some of the mainstream artists of global fame upload music videos here and that can be observed officially. With a smooth interface and having the latest collections in their list, the site is viral amongst the music lovers.

We hope you loved our collection of best Youtube Alternatives. Kindly share more alternatives of youtube if we have missed them in our collection.