Planning a Delhi to Thailand road trip? Everyone loves a road trip, whether it might be for really short distances, or longer distances, but the feel of great songs and good weather is what people crave for. And what could be better than a really long road trip, stretched over days! Yes, that’s correct, we’re talking about a road trip from Delhi to Thailand. This is a dream for adventure lovers and all these people who just love to travel. It’s about 5000 kms from Delhi, and you don’t need to just cross states, but countries by road to reach there.

Do’s and Don’ts for a Delhi to Thailand Road Trip

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For all the youngsters, Thailand is the dream destination to go to, and going by road with a bunch of friends makes it even more adventurous and exciting. This is a land of amazing night life, delicious food as well as magnificent beaches. And not only that, this place has the most amazing clothes ever making it basically paradise for every shopaholic. The destination is great and the journey is even more amazing, making it a once in a lifetime thing to do for sure.

So let’s talk about the places that you will visit once the journey starts. First you would start your journey from Moreh in Manipur, and the weather here is amazing! You will drive across the Jade Hills and live the life every road trip lover ever dreamt of. You can plan your trip by a car or do motorcycle tours in Thailand. Now that the trilateral highway has opened, it is a blessing in disguise for those who want to travel by road. This is also a great opportunity for someone who wishes to take in the breathtaking views of Myanmar and Thailand experienced best only by road. And finally you make it to Thailand!

Some of the things that you need to keep in mind (The Do’s List)

  1. It is mandatory to hire a local Burmese Guide. You can do it through any of the agents authorized by the government of Myanmar
  2. You need to apply for the overland permit to drive in Myanmar, a month in advance.
  3. You also need to have a temporary driving license, in case of right hand drive in Myanmar.

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The road is a bit scary in Myanmar, with hairpin bends and dusty gravel roads, so make sure that you have an experienced driver with you. The most important is that you should have an international driving permit, as it is recognized worldwide, and is an essential document. It works in Thailand and will help you to avoid any legal hassles with the cops in Thailand.

Another most important thing that one needs to keep in mind is the carnet fees. To enter as well as to exit in India, you will need a Carnet. This is a document which is just like a passport, and you need it while travelling on the India Myanmar road. You need to cough up 200% of your vehicle’s value (refundable security deposit) to actually get this piece of paper from the Automobile Association of India. Carnet is a document which is also accepted by Thailand customs as a valid document to enter in their country if you are driving one foreign registered vehicle.

For crossing Myanmar, which is part of the journey and cannot be avoided, you will need to have a temporary driving license, local road permits, vehicle insurance, and temporary vehicle. Also, a tourist Visa to Myanmar is mandatory from the Myanmar Embassy in India.

Talking about the journey, if you want to complete the journey at leisure, you would take at least 3 weeks if you start off from Delhi. On an average, it would take you around 7 days to cross India, about eight days in Myanmar and probably six to seven days in Thailand.

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The Don’t List

Try not to eat heavy food while travelling, as it might just lead to motion sickness when you travel for such long hours. Also, don’t stop at pitch dark and barren places. Plan your stays in good hostel accommodations if you don’t want to spend more. Don’t forget to get your insurance date. Plan your budget, and only then plan the trip.

You need to take the following factors into account while planning the cost and budget of the trip. See the permits, the Myanmar escort charges as mentioned, the visa charge, carnet. Once this is done, switch to the basics and check the accommodations, meals, fuel, spare parts of the car as well as contingency charges.

Carry USD while travelling inside Myanmar as you may not find many ATM’s. Also take some emergency food supplies and your favorite snacks you don’t want to miss during this trip. And many more useful things you carry during long road trips in India like original Vehicle papers, air pump, puncture kit, first aid kit etc. It’s going to be a long journey, but totally worth it!