Does she love me or does she not? Do you often wonder if the colleague at work, who is always flirting with you, loves you? Or perhaps, you wonder if your childhood best friend who keeps giving you gifts is secretly in love with you? Women are known to be complex creatures. To add fuel to the fire, love is an extremely complicated emotion. When you couple the two(love and women) together, you will realize how hard it is to get the answer to the question, ” Does she love me ?” Since each person is unique in their own way, they all hint their emotions regarding love differently.

Since girls like being mysterious, figuring out whether they love you or not can be nearly impossible. Do not lose hope. When a girl falls in love, there will surely be telltale signs that will answer the question- Does she love me or does she not? Hold your horses, I did some research and found out telltale signs that will tell you that she is in love with you.

10 Signs That Answer The Question- Does She Love Me

She gives you all of her undivided attention-

Girls are often blamed for their attention seeking behavior. If a girl is giving you all of her attention, then it means that she loves you and cares about you. If a girl appears distracted when you are with her, or if she spends more time looking at her phone screen than looking at you, then it is clear that she does not love you. However, if a girl gives you her undivided attention by being mentally and physically there for you, it means that she has feelings for you that go beyond friendship. Does she look at you while you are talking to her? Does she listen to every word that you say to her? If yes, then congrats because she is in love with you.

Her Body Language Changes Around You

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Does she lean in while talking to you? Does she smile at you when she is looking at you? Does she twirl or play with her hair while interacting with you? Paying close attention to the girl’s body language can get your answer to the question does she love me. Does the usually confident girl get nervous when you are present? Does she seem bashful and shy in front of you? If a girl loves you then she will act fidgety and shy owing to all the butterflies fluttering in her belly. When you catch her looking at you, does she hold the gaze for a moment before looking away and smiling? If yes, then clearly she is in love with you.

She does sweet things for you

Girls are very giving and kind when they love someone. Owing to their caring nature and generous temperament, they are bound to do sweet things for you if they are in love with you. They will buy you meaningful gifts. If they work with you then they might bring you homemade lunch. They will take care of you when you get sick. She won’t wait for your birthday to do something special for you. She will buy you gifts and do sweet things for you without any reason.

She constantly checks your social media profiles

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Does she like or love each and every photo you upload on social media? Has she even loved your photos that you uploaded a decade back on facebook? Does she follow you on every social media platform you are on? Does she comment on your status updates, Instagram stories, and retweet your tweets? If she does that, then she is either a creep or she is in love with you.

She asks you a lot of questions about your life

If a girl asks you a number of questions about your life then it means that she is interested in you. Does she want to know everything about you, your friends, and your family? When a girl falls in love with a guy, she wants o know his interests, likes, dislikes, preferences, schedule, aspirations, etc. She would want to know you inside and out. She would want to know you in a way that nobody else does.

She is a good listener to you

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When a girl loves you, she will be your rant cushion. Being a good listener means that what you say matters and she cares about you. She will make you feel important by listening to every word you say. She will also remember everything that comes out of your mouth. Does she give you all of her attention when you are talking to her? If yes, then you have a positive answer to the does she love me question.

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She is always keen to spend time with you

Does she always want to hang out with you? Does she make you her priority and make time out of her busy schedule just to be with you? Does she give you lingering goodbyes? And is it hard for her to let you go? If a girl is always looking forward to spending time with you then it is clear that she loves you.

She worries about you

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Caring and worrying about your wellbeing are the biggest signs that tell you that she loves you. If a girl loves you then she is bound to worry about you and fret over you. She will ask you if you have reached home, she will ask you if you have taken your medicines, etc. She will show deep concern for your safety.

She is always available for you

No matter what the time may be, she is always there. She will answer even your 3 AM texts. She will treat you like a priority. She will go to all lengths to make you feel like you are important and you matter.

She gets a tad bit jealous

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A little jealousy is cute and healthy. Does she go green when she sees you spending time with other women? Do you notice a pang of jealousy in her when you are giving attention to some other girl?