If you’re the Mumbai Local Pass Holder, then we do have good news for you! Mumbai Locals were on a halt since 23rd March. From 15th June, Mumbai Locals started operations for the essential service staff workers. When the COVID19 situation will come under control, the locals will also operate for the normal people.Mumbaikars: Preserve Your Local Train Passes - Possibility of Extension!

In a major relief to the essential staff, the Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, Mr. Ravinder Bhakar states,

“We have decided to extend the passes of current users, the decision about other pass holders will be taken when local services will resume.”

The plan of railways is to issue a zero value pass to the passengers for an unused number of days. It is quite noteworthy that daily almost 80 Lakh people travel through Mumbai Locals. Out of them almost 80% i.e. 72 Lakh people are pass holders.

During the COVID19 crisis, people are already going through the economic crunch. At such a time, this moves comes as a major relief. In most of the cases, passengers take quarterly or a half-yearly pass. Most of the passengers might be having a validity of over a month left.

While the railway has already granted this benefit to the essential staff. There is also a buzz going around that the same benefit will be extended to all the normal passengers.

We hope this Corona Crisis comes under control quickly! Mumbaikars are dying to breathe in the fresh air, without putting up their masks on.