Millions of people live and work in city of dreams Mumbai and to keep them safe, The Mumbai city police has started many different campaigns and have taken them to social media to spread awareness about it. The main aim of all the campaigns by Mumbai police is to motivate people to stay away from criminal activities.

Mumbai Police has come up with some interesting quotes and slogan to engage more and more people with the campaign. Checkout some of the best quotes below.

Anti-drugs campaign

If you roll, we will weed you out. #HoshMeinAao



To curb cyber crimes

If you do good, good follows. If you do bad, we follow. 🙂 #CyberSafetyWeek



Don’t let 140 characters write your destiny. Avoid cybercrime. #CyberSafetyWeek


Your creepy comments on her photo will get you a long date with us. #CyberSafetyWeek


If you are driving like no one can stop you, your karma will #TrafficMantraIn140


Alert and safe Mumbai campaign

Prevention is always better than cure. Dial 100 to report anything suspicious.


Kanoon ke haath lambey hotey hain,but we could still do with your help. Be an alert citizen. #AlertMumbaiSafeMumbai



Cover Image Via :- Pravin Talan