Women will be allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum of Haji Ali shrine in Mumbai along with men, The Haji Ali trust will take 4 weeks to make requisite infrastructural changes and then women will be granted access to the sanctum sanctorum on the Dargah.

haji ali dargah

Since many years Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai had denied access to women to enter the sanctum sanctorum of the Dargah. This was because of a fatwa which was released in 2012, but on 26th Augues this year Bombay high court lifted the ban and now women will be allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum

This ban was lifted because of efforts made by founders of the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (known as BMMA) Zakia Soman and Noorjehan Fiaz. They had petitioned the Bombay high court against the ban of women entering the sanctum sanctorum. The Bombay High Court judgement was met with appreciation by female devotees and pilgrims from Mumbai and other cities.

Haji Ali Dargah trust has agreed to grant equal access to men and women to the sanctum sanctorum. The court asked the trust why it is need for separate entry for women and the trust replied saying it has traditionally been that way only.