If you love movies of all genres and love getting in the vibe of the movie that you are watching, we are sure that you have a list of rainy night movies that you might love to watch. Most of the times rainy nights call for vintage movies, romantic, dramas, and comedies. Here in this list, we have all kinds of rainy night movies including adventure as well as crime movies which will have you hooked to your screen until the end.

Movies to Watch on a Rainy Night

So, read along and add your favorite movies to your list now.


Overboard is a vintage film that revolves around a spoiled brat being taught a lesson. When Annie falls overboard and loses her memory, her husband sees it as an opportunity and gets rid of her. Seeing this, a carpenter decides to teach her a lesson. Dean is a widowed carpenter and a father of 4 very difficult kids. When no one owns Joanna (Annie) Dean arrives and claims her as his wife, and takes her home to take care of his house and his kids. Since Joanna Annie has no memory of her past at all, she accepts her role as a house wife and eventually adopts the new life. The film is vintage, fun, and wholesome to watch.

Meet Me in St. Louis

Meet Me in St. Louis is your typical vintage romantic music comedy movie set in the 1904 world fair. The movie focusses on the four Smith sisters and their education in those times. Apart from the Smith family and the world fair, the film revolves around the elder sister Esther Smith and her love affair with her next door neighbor. This is your typical rainy night movie when it comes to the musicals, visuals, dialogues, and most importantly the storyline. So, if you want all vintage movies in one place, we suggest checking out Spectrum Silver Channel list as Spectrum has almost all channels for your favorite genre, and it also allows you to get your channels customized and watch on demand content.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is our favorite rainy night movie as it stars our most favorite vintage actress Audrey Hepburn. The story revolves around a young and beautiful escort Holly Golightly, and her new neighbor Paul Varjak. Paul dreams of becoming a famous writer one day, and Holly dreams of marrying a rich man to live a decent life. While the two are determined on pursuing their dreams, Paul hopelessly falls in love with Holly and things don’t remain as simple as they were. The story is beautiful and the visuals make us want to get cozy on a rainy night and watch the movie on TV.

Pulp Fiction

Pulp fiction is the perfect Quentin Tarantino movie to watch if you don’t like specifically romantic movies on a rainy night. Pulp fiction is a crime movie that also sends those vintage vibes and has perfect dialogues and situations. The two Los Angeles hitmen Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield are on a mission to find a mysterious box and have to take it back to their boss Marsellus Wallace. The four stories are interconnected with Vincent having to entertain his boss’s actress wife Mia, a struggling boxer Butch and his wife looking for a lost watch, master fixer Winston Wolfe, and a nervous and inexperienced pair of robbers Pumpkin and Honey Bunny trying to rob a diner. The movie is perfect in terms of visuals, events, and dialogues. So, if you are not a romance fan, you will enjoy your rainy night indoors with this movie.

Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle is a very simple and beautiful movie that revolves around a young boy and his widowed father. Sam’s eight-year-old son Jonah, realizes that his father still hasn’t gotten over his mother’s death, so he forces his father to go live on national radio in order to look for a companion. While Sam finally gets on the radio where a lot of single women listen and fall in love with him. A reporter in Baltimore Annie Reed listens to Sam on radio and although she is engaged, she finds herself drawn towards him. Unsure of Sam’s response, Annie writes him to meet her at the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day. The movie has a perfect ending and is completely heartwarming to watch.

Notting Hill

Imagine a rainy night and a highly romantic movie with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Notting Hill is a movie starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in their most hopeless romantic form. The movie revolves around a famous American actress Anna Scott and a London Bookstore owner William Thacker. One day, out of nowhere, Anna shows up in William’s bookstore and William’s world turns upside down. The movie discusses how Anna wants to live a casual life like a normal girl but her career keeps coming between her love for William. It is all about getting out of their comfort zones for the sake of love.


Casablanca is another vintage movie that is set during WWII Casablanca, Morocco. Rick Blaine owns a nightclub in Casablanca and one day his old lover Ilsa returns to town with her husband Victor Laszlo. Laszlo is a rebel, and with Germans after his life, Ilsa seeks help from Rick to be able to flee the country. While she goes to him for her husband, Ilsa eventually finds herself falling back in love with Rick. The movie is cinematically perfect and gives you those rainy night vibes with the romance genre in times of war.


Another movie that is not serious or even romantic is Jumanji. If you like watching nonromantic adventure movies, Jumanji is the perfect movie for you. The movie revolves around two children Peter and Judy who find a board game that frees a man Alan Parrish who has been stuck in the game’s world since he was a child. As they play they realize they need a fourth player, and that is when Alan remembers the fourth player and his childhood love Sarah Whittle. They convince Sarah to play with them to finish the game and get rid of it, and she eventually agrees. The game shows them all kinds of destructions from giant bugs, to monkeys, to floods, and much more. If you want something unique, fun, and adventurous to watch, Jumanji is the right movie for you.

The movies that we have discussed above are some of the movies that can be enjoyed on a rainy night when you can’t go out. These films are beautiful and if you want to make rain romantic and fun, make the vibe and play one of these movies with your loved ones or even alone.