People using Facebook are very much irritated with the invites to play Candy Crush and other games and in fact this invites has been ranked as one of the most irritating thing in the world and we are sure it has been irritating you from time immemorial.

Today when Mark Zuckerberg was doing Townhall Q&A session at IIT Delhi, people decided to directly as the CEO & Founder of Facebook about this Candy Crush invites issue.



After the question was asked, Zuckerberg surprisingly started laughing and said Facebook is working hard on solution to stop receiving Candy Crush request.

Mark was expecting more of technical issue but the most hyped question was about the issue of candy crush requests.

The Question :- I seriously don’t want any more requests on candy crush, how can i stop getting it ?

mark zuckerber making faces animation

We are eagerly waiting for the solution, and yes mark you can also use the same solution to criminal case, 8 ball pool, pirate kings and other games too.