New courses may come and go, but LLB courses trend in India no matter which year it is. And why not? After all, it is one of the most respectable and lucrative careers in the country.

Every year, thousands of young aspirants opt for various LLB courses to pursue their passion. And thanks to this growing popularity, various colleges and universities have introduced specialized law courses catering to the needs of industry as well. When you look for an LLB course, you’ll find that there are plenty of undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma LLB courses to help students kickstart their law career.

Top LLB Courses That Are Currently Trending in India

LLB Courses in india

In case you also wish to become a lawyer in future and are confused about which LLB course is best for you, we’d suggest you read this article till the end. Here, we have listed trending LLB courses that are no less than a sure shot to success. Take a look!

Corporate Law

As the name suggests, this LLB specialisation deals with the legal rights of corporations. Since India’s corporate industry is witnessing tremendous growth, the need for lawyers who are well-versed with legal statutes, constitution and ordinances of any business has also increased.

A corporate lawyer helps the firms in continuing their business as per the laws of the nation. Further, they also assist with issues related to employees’ contracts, taxation related issues, employee relations, labour and employment law, etc.

Media & Entertainment Law

This is one of the most exciting LLB courses one can opt for. After pursuing an LLB in Media and Entertainment Law, you will need to cover legal issues related to the media including television, music, cinema, theatre and film.

What is most interesting about this law course is the chance to be in the limelight. Since most of your clients will be celebrities and high-profile people, it is likely that you will also get press coverage. Now, that’s exciting, isn’t it?

International Law

It’s the global world, and since the trade between countries has grown incessantly, legal problems also occur. To solve them, companies require lawyers who have in-depth knowledge of the legal precedents that are generally accepted by nations as binding and valid. They are usually hired by mega-corporations who have businesses all over the world. So, if you wish to have a career abroad and earn an impressive salary, LLB in International Law is for you!

Criminal Law

This is an evergreen LLB course that never loses its charm. A specialization in criminal law trains you about the legal system and its rules related to crime. Young people who have a zest to do social good and maintain law and order in society often apply for this course.

They can either work independently or begin their career by practising under any reputed lawyer. Some criminal lawyers are also hired by the government and are known as public defenders.

Taxation Law

Offered by a few universities like UPES, LLB in Taxation Law helps the students in undergoing intense training to understand the various facets of law in an economic context. With the knowledge and practice, such lawyers can solve cases related to income tax, real tax, estate tax, franchises, problems of inheritance among others.

To Sum Up

For many students, LLB is not just a course; it’s a window to better career opportunities. However, such students must realize that such LLB courses should be pursued from top colleges and for that, they have to take entrance exams. So, if you are also willing to make a career in law, begin your preparation soon. Best of luck!