The world is quite huge and it will take births to explore the entire planet. Today you will be getting to know a very interesting thing and that is exposing the largest cities in the world. You might be wondering why these cities are declared largest based on the total amount of population living there. Well, partially this is correct but not completely as the largest city is declared based on the acres it is spread.

Top 10 Largest Cities in The world

Let’s not waste any time and dive deep into the topic and check out which are the largest cities in the world on our list.

1) Tokyo

tokyo largest cities in the world

We all know that Tokyo is in Japan, but exactly where it is located none of us know. Tokyo is actually located in Honshu city’s eastern coast and Tokyo is considered as the largest island amongst the four islands that connects and makes Japan.

When the city was not got its name Tokyo, people used to call it by the name “Edo”, in the 1800’s. According to the study done by the officials, presently the population of Tokyo is around 13,617,445 from which there are 500 organizations and in the Global Cities Index, Tokyo is listed on the 4rth position. Japan localities are a group of people who are from two other similar communities that is Korea and China.2

2) Delhi

delhi largest city in the world

Delhi is known as the “Dil ki Dhadkan” of country India. Delhi is indeed the largest cities in the world as its population and area is unimaginable. Having a population of more than 28 million, Delhi is the most happening and vibrant city that is surrounded by many other cities in India like Jaipur, Lucknow, Agra, Mathura and more. In India, wherever you will go, the center point will be Delhi always. Having the tag of the largest and the richest city in India, Delhi is also the most polluted city in India because of which the 28 million population living there, suffers a lot.

3) Shanghai

Shanghai is the city that is located in the country of China and is considered as the largest city in China. It is not only the largest city in China, but it is also listed as the third-largest city that exists in the world. Shanghai is an amazing place that you can visit, there are many activities you will get to do and people from all across the world to visit Shanghai to explore multiple types of adventures.

4) Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo

Having a population of 21.7 million, the Sao Paulo city is located in country Brazil and is considered as the largest city in Brazil. The city’s night view is mesmerizing and also there are thousands of sky crappers. The people living in the Sao Paolo city are popular by the name of Paulistanos and the city offers millions of adventurous activities that one can do.

5) Mexico City

mexico city

Considered as the largest city in the world, Mexico City is located in North America and is one of the most happening cities among others in America. The city is also popular for having colorful buildings, adorable churches and the architecture of buildings there are unique than other cities.

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6) Cairo

Cairo mosque egypt

A vast number of individuals remain oblivious to the names of cities in foreign lands. Take, for instance, Cairo—a metropolis that proudly serves as the capital of Egypt. When Egypt is mentioned, our thoughts naturally gravitate toward iconic pyramids, captivating tours of the Karnak temple, and a vibrant cultural tapestry. Nestled on the banks of the majestic River Nile, Cairo holds the distinction of being not only the largest city in Egypt but also the hottest city on the globe.

7) Mumbai

Mumbai biggest cities in the world.jpg

If Delhi is the “Dil Ki Dhadkan” of India, then Mumbai is the heart of India. You might be wondering how one country can have the two largest cities in it, right? Well, India is an incredible country and fortunately, it has two cities which can be said are the largest in the world. People from all over the world visit Mumbai to experience its nightlife and especially the monsoon season. Mumbai is surrounded by ocean and has beautiful beaches like Juhu, Chowpatty and more. Once you visit Mumbai, it is sure that you will be wanting to visit there again and again because of the mesmerizing essence present in it, the city attracts people.

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8) Beijing

Being the capital of China, Beijing has to be one of the largest cities in the world. Beijing is also popular by the name of Peking and those who visit there get to listen to the ancient stories of the time when a civil war was in the 20th century. The population of Beijing is around 20 million people.

9) Dhaka

Home to more than 19 million people, Dhaka is the largest city in Bangladesh and became the capital of the country in 1971 when the country got independence from empires who were ruling there. From the past few years, the population growth of the city has been increased almost to double and Dhaka is known for being the political as well as the financial city of the entire Bangladesh region.

10) Osaka

Located in Japan, Osaka is the second-largest city as first is Tokyo. Compared to Tokyo the population of Osaka is also less in numbers and the famous Universal Studios Japan is also located in Osaka which is the main attraction for tourists who visits Osaka.

Wrap Up!

Mentioned above are the largest cities in the world, we hope you enjoyed reading the information that we shared with you. We will be back soon till then enjoy your life, don’t get serious and keep reading information shared by us!

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