A Kenya man got arrested after being found with weed chapati. These chapatis are prepared by cannabis flour. Cannabis flour is also used for making cookies, cakes, and candies. The Kenyan government has restricted a few drugs, one of them is Marijuana. Cannabis is also popular by the name of Marijuana. Most of the users of this drug are the young generation and this young generation battle a lot to make this drug legal.

weed chapati

Marijuana has few benefits like it reduces the stress and helps in relaxation, suppresses pain from nerve damage, kills breast cancer cells, reduces the risk of nerve damage, it helps in bone growth, stops inflammations and does many more health beneficial things. Medical research has said that this drug is very useful for many diseases.

In fact, there are few countries that contain an official license to sell marijuana on a legal basis. The USA state government is using this drug as an anesthetic during surgeries. According to the present research, it is found that the sales of the golden drug in a US border have risen in a great manner by 420%. Such drugs in Kenya are illegal but still, its consumption in youth is quite high. This drug is also used in smoking and the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth had tabled a bill in the parliament for referring the medicinal values of this drug.

medical benefits of weed

Marijuana is useful for a few dangerous diseases as well like tuberculosis and breast cancer. In a few countries like Canada and the USA, the government has made it compulsory to use marijuana for medical treatment with precautions and proper examination. When people look at the Chapati, no one can identify or imagine that it contains weed. Weed is good for some but really bad for some, totally depends on what people think about weed.