Who doesn’t know Jeff Bezos? He is a personality who has created history in the corporate world by starting Amazon, the e-commerce platform, millions of people use to shop. Not only as president of Amazon, but Jeff Bezos has also listed his name in the list of richest entrepreneurs in the world and the good news is now he has visited India and has been captured distributing the package by collecting them from multiple Kinara (Grocery) stores.

Jeff Bezos, World's Richest Man, Delivers Goods From Grocery Store

Where everyone is busy shopping online and are struggling to find items that they want to buy, jeff Bezos made his move and delivered a few parcels that he picked up from kinara stores at Mumbai.

He came into limelight when he shared a photo of him on his social media platform where he is picking up a parcel and he has mentioned about how Amazon is now a partner with multiple kinara stores that helps the store owners to gain more profit and sell their products in a more easier way.

11 years ago, Jeff made his first trip to India in Mumbai and after that, he has been here a few more times. When sources interrogated this ground-to-earth personality he said, “Certain things here are same, and I adore those things”. To this, he also added that whenever he visits India, he sees people trying to self-improve and focus on what they want in their life and this gives him more energy and power to stay positive and focused on his dreams.

Well, in life, you don’t get anything easily and you have to work like anything to get it! And Jeff Bezos is really an inspiration for millions of people. India is always ready to welcome him. We hope he will have a great stay and amazon will break all of its previous records and be on #1 position!