Every Friday, we witness another movie. In order to make sure that people enjoy the movie they watch, the directors, as well as scriptwriters, make sure that their story is unique! The Gentlemen movie releasing in India on 24th January by PVR Pictures is one of its kind movies that will give you a unique feel!

There are plenty of things that will differ The Gentlemen from other movies! Be it the plot of the story, directions, actors, acting and a lot more.

Why You Should Not Miss Watching The Gentlemen this Weekend!

Below enlisted are the reasons why we are telling you not to miss watching The Gentlemen. Go through the points that might help you to make the right decision:

1) It is having a unique Story Plot

the gentlemen movie

While the movies are made with comedy, thriller or mix of action The Gentlemen is unique. In the movie, you will go through ups and downs in the life of a Marijuana business owner. It will take you through the journey of Mickey Pearson trying to sell his entire set empire of Cannabis which is worth $400 Million. Hence, there will be many ups and downs while you watch the movie.

2) A deep dive into the business of Drugs!

What does it seem like doing a business of Drugs? There are many written, unwritten laws even in the business ethics of drugs. Thus, you will also understand the way you have to deal with things while doing illegal work!

3) Wish to feel the life of a Criminal? – The Gentlemen is the movie for you!

the gentlemen

There are different types of criminals. Even among criminals, there are people like White Criminals and Black Criminals. While you watch the Gentlemen movie, you will understand that How does the mind of a White Criminal or a Black Criminal think like!

4) Understand How does Business of Cannabis functions?

Apart from the thinking pattern of a Criminal’s mind, you will also understand the business of Cannabis! The dark business of illegal items is having many laws to follow. While your own hands are red with a crime, you can still be ethical. The Gentlemen movie will describe to you the journey of Mickey Pearson building his own empire!

5. The trailers of Movies are already out!

The trailer is an introduction to the movie! For the fans, there are two trailers of The Gentlemen already available. You can watch the first trailer from here:

If it wasn’t enough, watch the second one!

We bet after going through both the trailers you wouldn’t like to miss the movie!

6) Deeper insights into the Criminal Mind!

The thing which makes a criminal successful is his mind! Mickey Pearson built his entire empire while dealing with the criminals. The way he tackled the situation when dealing with the Dry Eye describes enough why it is necessary to use your mind while dealing with the criminals!

7) Guy Ritchie is the Director of the Movie!

Whenever we listen to the name of Guy Ritchie, we expect that something awesome is coming towards us! The amazing shape he gives to his movies, viewers establish a lot of expectations from him. Hopefully, he has fulfilled all such expectations until now!

8. There are amazing reviews already available on the web!

The Gentlemen
Source: Google

Since the movie has already released in some parts of the World, Indian fans are having a benefit of the doubt. We are just randomly quoting a review from Google. This review will depict enough that why we are telling you to watch The Gentlemen!

9) The Gentlemen is having a good star cast!

With the names like that of Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong, Eddie Marsan, Colin Farrell, and Hugh Grant, etc. This movie guarantees the full jam-pack performances through this talented star cast.

10) You will understand the difference between White Gangsters & Black Gangsters

The Gentlemen movie reviews

In every profession, there is are good and bad people. Even in the dark world of Crime, there are White & Black Gangsters. Because, criminals are not born, but they are made! The movie will send a clear beautiful message, that even people good at heart can become criminals.

Excited enough? We bet you are getting goosebumps while going through the plot. Imagine what will happen when you will watch the movie! The movie will release in India on 24th January. In India, PVR Pictures is handling the entire distribution of the movie.

Are you going to watch this movie with your friends? We will be waiting for the reviews from you.