English 101 and English 102 courses are fundamental for any college student, no matter which discipline you have chosen as your major. English 101 is supposed to teach you how to write essays and some other types of papers. This knowledge you should use in other classes and in many years of education to come, However, the problem is, students often fail this course, because they don’t have enough experience in writing, and while English 101 course is supposed to teach them how to write, the demands are too high from the very beginning. Many students lose faith in themselves, feel like they are incapable of dealing even with the most straightforward writing assignments, etc. It affects their future progress and ability to write essays, research papers, reports, and other academic assignments significantly. You are lucky if you have an excellent English 101 professor, but most students are stuck with theoretical textbooks. For those who need some help with English 101 essay writing, we offer some practical tips on how to improve English 101 essay writing skills fast enough not to fail the course.

Use any Opportunity to Read and Write More


It is a matter of practice. There is not even one prominent writer who didn’t have enough experience in writing before publishing his or her famous novels. it doesn’t mean that your experience should be limited to academic writing, the most boring type of writing, by the way. Try starting a blog. It can be simply about anything, you can even write stories about how much you hate writing, how difficult your English 101 class is, etc. It is not even obligatory for you to write everything grammatically correct — just keep writing to find your style, your pace. Gradually you will feel that the quality of your posts increases. The same goes for reading — read at least 20 minutes per day, and you will be surprised to notice that your papers become better in terms of grammar and style.

Buy Several English 101 Essays Online

Find a reliable service and buy several English 101 or English 102 essays to use as samples. Essays are short and you are not in a hurry, so you can get the best price. It is an affordable way to see how essays should be written in practice. Use the received final drafts as examples for your future writings. Pay attention not only to content but also to formatting, references, in-text citations, etc. Choose a cheap essay writing service not limiting your access to the assigned writer and communicate with him or her. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Writers are former students. They understand your pain more than you think.

Use Online Services to Make Your Essays Better

If you are not eager to buy essays online, you can use other services to make the quality of your papers better than ever. First of all, pay attention to grammar checkers. There are free and paid options. We recommend investing some money in paid checkers because using them for half a year or even less will significantly increase your essay writing skills. They not only find and correct mistakes, but they also teach you, show rules, etc. You can also use citation generators (which are mostly free) to create in-text citations and references according to the required formatting style.

Unfortunately, there is no way to improve your English 101 English writing skills in a matter of a week, or so, but if you spend several months following our tips, you will see that it is much easier for you to deal with writing assignments.