Everyone in the world who is young is struggling with this problem. Where ever we go people keep asking, When are you getting married as if they are going to sponsor our Wedding.

The question asked every time When are you getting married is really annoying and today we are going to tell you an incident that might shock you. Yes a guy who was repeatedly asked when are you getting married by his neighbour killed her to death. Yes this is a true story and the whole world is into shock after hearing this news.

Man Killed Neighbor Who Repeatedly Asked Him When Are You Getting Married?

This incident sounds outrage but yes it happened in Indonesia. If reports are to be believed, A man 28 years old man named Faiz Nurdin of Kampung Pasir Jonge in Indonesia killed 32 years old pregnant lady named Aisyah.

Apparently Aisyah repeatedly asked Faiz every time they met When are you getting married? Faiz took this negatively and killed her. The lady always asked him get married faster, everyone around you is married now.

Eventually, Faiz went to her house and pushed her to the bed and strangled her to death with his bare hands. This incident was reported by BuzzFlare. The lady tried hard to run away by biting his fingers but Faiz was too strong for her. After killing the lady, Faiz stole her smartphone and cash of $59 from her house.

when are you getting married

After committing the crime, Faiz managed to escape to Kalidares but unfortunately he was spotted by police and shot on his leg. If all the charges against Faiz are found true then he might face a life imprisonment.

Such incidents are really very shocking and hard to digest. It is advised to young generation people not to take negative action on anything that they do. It will cost them their life and end their career.

Stay Safe.