I am single is the most frequent question we as ourselves, But Early twenties is that time of life when you observe many people getting into relationships, some getting engaged and rest getting MARRIED. Yes, you read it right- getting married. So recently while going through my social media, it seemed like every single damn person I know is either into seriously relationship or getting married.

i am single

Somebody’s hand on her boyfriend’s chest, some pictures of just two hands with rings on third figures and last but not the least, those pictures with ‘aakho meh aakhe’(Romantic gaze) and captioned ‘Save the date’ with millions of hearts and smiley, Cute!  But here I’m contemplating about my life decisions and writing an article on relationship just because I am single which I believe makes me more reliable for advices, eating all the time because that’s what I am truly committed to and spending rest of my time bird watching( I m sure, you what I mean :p ) as it’s my human right as I am single.

After seeing pictures of my friends hugging their partner or sharing their pre-wedding shoots, I always wonder- will this happiness ever going to knock my door, will I ever afford  pre-wedding shoot to such amazing places, or I am single for rest of my life? Answer is maybe!

I am Single, everyone is getting married – is this the perfect time to settle down?

Early Twenties

Getting married in early twenties is like a head shot on your dreams. 20-24 is the time when you explore to the shocking realities of life, while you are still recovering from it, your boyfriend proposes you ‘will you marry’- sounds just right but seriously? What about those ‘being successful’ dreams? Owning your own luxuries car and a small house with two dogs? Truth is – doesn’t matter how modern we get but from where we all are, these dreams seem lil impossible after marriage. What do you think? (Put it in comment box)

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If you think you are going to fulfil your dreams and your to be husband is all ready to help you achieving them, then go for it girl! There is nothing bad to get married young. Why? Firstly you will have no pressure to have kids anytime close in future and can spend few years travelling with your partner. Secondly, Honeymoon will be more exciting, you can party and get sloshed, can set out an adventures trip, don’t have to worry about ‘acting your age’ and it will be like going on a trip with your boyfriend. Lastly younger the parents, cooler they are- you will be the best friend to your kids, as it will be easier to understand them due to fairly less age difference.

But I don’t think marriage is all which brings happiness in life. I am in my early 20s; I am single but still happy and working on my dreams.

Late Twenties

Being a girl of late twenties and single is no less than a crime for the ‘mohaleki’ aunties. And cherry on the cake when your ‘guy’ friends often come to drop you or roam around with you. ‘30 ki hone wali hai, karle shaddi’ ‘teri umar meh toh mere do bache the’, these are the common things told to every single late twenties girl! Isn’t it?  Pressure of marriage is way too high in late twenties, whether you are a boy or a girl. But the question remains, is this the perfect time to settle down? I think yes, if you are financially stable, you have enough maturity to handle two families equally and you have enough time to plan your perfect wedding.

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What about the quality time I would have spent with my husband if got married a lil early? What about kids? What if I don’t find anyone as good as my twenties boyfriend? What if I am single for rest of my life? Isn’t it scary?

So be smart don’t break up or stop dating. Keep hunting for the best, you never know who crosses your path and when.

Perfect age?

Is there really a perfect age to get settle down? I think ‘NO’, it can be at anytime of your life. It can be early twenties or even late fifties. Take examples of celebs like Aamir Khan, Ayushmann Khurrana who got married early in life and the celebs like Rani Mukherjee, Shilpa Shetty or Vidya balan who got married later in their life. Aren’t all of them happily married?

I feel there is a perfect time to get settle down. It can be when you have found that right person with whom you think you can share rest of your life, with whom life will become easy to manage and with whom you will have a different perspective or goal towards life. Then it doesn’t matter what age you are!

Thank you