“Should I put the beer down?”

This is how Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of multi millionaire company Facebook kick started his first interview was was taken during his days in Harvard, wearing his shorts and shipping beer. Everyone know that he was the most famous nerd during his college days and how can we forget his all time favourite solid coloured t-shirt.

Checkout This Interview With 20-Year-Old Mark Zuckerberg During His ‘I’m The CEO Bitch’             

Today when we see Mark we find a very serious business man in him who is a very dedicated towards his booming enterprise and is very professional. But their was a time during his early days with Facebook in college when he was trying to do something different on the internet with his ability to do smart coding and build a platform where students from different colleges could can get to know each other and could stay in touch.

You will have a very chill out time while watching Zuckerberg’s first interview with the I’m-The-CEO-Bitch attitude. This interview was taken when Mark first found Facebook from his hostel room.

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