We thought Mumbai or Delhi would be declared as the best city to live in India but Hyderabad has been ranked best city to live in india by the global human resources consulting firm Mercer. This firm has released listing of 2016 city rankings of best places to live in it’s 18th annual Quality of Living Survey.

Mercer has compared social environment, political, socio-cultural environment, economic environment, public services, education, consumer goods, housing, recreation and natural environment of around 440 cities.

hyderabad ranked best city to live in india

And guess what, Ranked 139 out of 230 cities in the world, Hyderabad has been named as the best city in India to stay. Pune has got second rank where as Delhi is at 161,  Kolkata at 160 and Bangalore at 145.

Because of cheap housing rent and more and more new job opportunities as compared to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, people are now giving 1st preference to Hyderabad to settle down in ths beautiful city and are proudly calling it home.

News Source :- Indiatimes.com