This world has become a horrible place to live, Forget about Humans Even animals can’t live peacefully. Every time you see some kindness and hope around you some shit happens and hits you hard. Today a very depressing incident has happened where a man threw a dog off a terrace and made a video of it.

Humane Society International An NGO has announced Rs 1 Lakh price to the person who nabs this man in the video. The person who has uploaded this video is from Chennai and the Chennai cyber crime is trying to trace the video uploader.

This Man Threw A Dog Off A Terrace And Made A video, Help Us Catch This Bastard

In a fraction of seconds this man dropped this helpless dog and we have no idea if the dog survived or is dead as this the video doesn’t show beyond the part where he drops the dog.

Warning *** Watch the below video at your own discretion

If anyone finds this man or the people who have made this horrifying video then kindly report about him to the police or the NGO mentioned above.