If you have scored a number of a girl you are interested in, then, believe me, you have won only half the battle yet. While the girl may have given you her number but how to text a girl? That’s the real fight. You must be waiting to drop her a “Hi!” and start off your texting adventure, but the obstacle still remains: Do you have to follow a rule book? What are the etiquettes to follow when you are texting a girl? Is there an opening that you should use? And most importantly how to text a girl?

Well, if you are reading this, then you have come to the right place! Before you begin texting a girl, read about the mistakes you should avoid and the things you should get right.

Here’s how to text a girl and also what you should skip:

Don’t make her wait

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If you ask some people about when and how to text a girl, they will advise you to wait for a span of 3 days. Don’t do that! No, I am not saying that you should text her immediately either. Firstly, hear me out. Women like a good tease, so while they don’t mind waiting for you to initiate the conversation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can take forever. I did some research and found out that a whopping 90% of women like receiving a text within 2 days of sharing their number. So if you are going to act cold and aloof, you will end up losing her interest.


Keep her engaged

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Don’t misunderstand me again, we all have our chores to complete and I am not asking you to stay stuck on your phone screen texting her back and forth every moment of your life. But nobody likes waiting forever to hear back from someone they have just texted. You can always excuse yourself if something urgent comes up. Even a break of a few minutes to a couple of hours is acceptable (word of advice here, do not go beyond 6). But if she wanted to hear from you a week later, she would have written you a letter.


Don’t start nagging if you don’t hear from her

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Another good advice on how to text a girl is not spamming her with messages when she isn’t replying. A little patience will pay-off in the longer run. So do not set off like a machine gun sending out a text to her every 30 seconds just because she hasn’t replied yet. It will definitely repulse her if you come off too strongly. She will begin avoiding your or think of you as really controlling if you begin doing that.


Mirror her texting behavior

If she likes to keep her messages squeaky clean then you should not turn into a sailor’s mouth. Identify if she is against swearing or abusing of any kind, then refrain from using such language while texting her. If she likes sending long and detailed messages, reply with the same intensity. Conversely, if she prefers short tacit conversations, do not bore her with long rants. Basically, all that a woman looks for is a reflection of how she chats. Show her the same level of enthusiasm and she will definitely be interested in talking to you.

She is not accused party

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So when it comes to texting a girl and you are faced with the question of how to text a girl, you begin to think that since women love talking about themselves, they will definitely like being asked questions. While polite questions like ‘how was your day?’ or ‘how are you doing?’ are always appreciated, it is not a great idea to turn into an interrogator. This is especially a big no when you are just beginning to chat with her. In an attempt to sound cool or interested, do not ask her invasive questions. Some women are very selective about what information they share and they may find you too intrusive. Keep it light enough to show an interest and leave the deep philosophical questions for later.

Mix and Match

A lot of us tend to pick up on a pet subject and continue that track to make further conversation. But if that is all that you talk about, do not expect her to remain interested. Even if it is an old running gag, overdoing may just kill the laughs it generates. Switch between topics and make yourself more interesting. She should realise all the things you are capable of discussing and should really wonder what could be your next topic of discussion.


Dnt type lyk dis

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Oh, come on! Make the minimal effort when it comes to texting her. Avoid using the SMS lingo because we are way past the candy bar phone with limited character space. She would greatly appreciate your communication skills and the efforts you put in even though it is merely texting. If possible, even proofread your texts so that you can avoid a few embarrassing situations. On the other hand acronyms like LOL, IKR, WYD is acceptable. But do not shower her with it until you have noticed her using that too. Remember, mirror her actions and use terms she normally uses.

Make her your Captain’s Log

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You do not need to update her on everything you do. A polite good morning and a good night greeting is okay, but do you really wish to ramble on about your work commute if she didn’t specifically ask you about it? She is not your diary that you need to tell her every little thing happening in your life, especially at that very moment! It gives off a strong scent of neediness and women will only be put off by it. If you send her long texts outlining unrelated stuff that may not hold her interest, then she will start being disinterested in conversing with you. Sending her monologues to her curt replies is a strong enough indicator that she is least interested in talking to you. Therefore, it is best that you avoid it while texting a girl.

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