Live in relationship in India is still not accepted by communities of various states in our country but as the young generation is becoming open-minded day by day, living together without getting married is not a big thing for them.

Some parents who understand that time has changed accept this too but still many states are not ready to accept this yet.

So, today we are here to discuss What is it like to be in a living relationship in India. What are the issues you have to face when you decide to be in a live-in relationship?


live in relationship in india

Make sure if you are living in a metropolitan city like Delhi or Mumbai, this can’t be a big deal for you but beware of people who stay near you. Don’t become the gossip point for the other members living near you as they might not understand the term “Live in relationship in India”.

I am going to explain in 7 steps as to what is it like to be in a Live in relationship in India. It is not mandatory that you must agree with these facts but you can think on these facts and can change your mind about Live in Relationship in India.

It is not at all wrong to be in a living relationship, you get to know more about the regular routine of your partner, their way of living, their likes-dislikes, how they are in-house and how they represent themselves outside. According to me, these are some of the important things you notice when you stay with your partner in the same house without getting married.

1) Dealing with your family:

This is the first and the biggest hurdle of all in this scenario when you are in a live-in relationship with your partner. These kinds of relationships have grown over the years in India, but parents never seem to accept them no matter what. One of the things in this matter is that that the parents look at it the wrong way. They think that these relationships exist for the sake of sex for pleasure and not for procreation, which is implied by marriage. The discussion tends to turn out quite frustrating when the children put it in front of their parents.

2) Hotels to stay:

As is evident, people in India are hesitant to accept live-in relationships as normal ones and that fact causes a hiccup when you are staying at a hotel. Some hotels allow only married couples. So it may be a good call in advance in order to inform them you will be checking into the hotel with your partner. That avoids the possibility of a skirmish at the hotel when they find out.

3) Finding a place:

It can be a tad difficult to find out a place where you can live with your partner in the city when the two of you decide to move in together. When you set out to look for a place to rent, the landlord would ask you if you are single or with a family. There is no in between. That might not be the case if you are living in a posh area because people generally mind their own business over there. But in the other cases, live-in relationship couples end up lying to the landlord in order to secure a place for them. You and your partner may have to face reservations in both the modest and the more expensive localities.

4) Having Children:

Children born to parents in a Live in relationship in India may not be considered illegitimate, said the Apex court. The mother is the legal guardian of the child which is different from a marriage. But that also implies that it is not necessary for the father that he fulfills his responsibilities as a father. Furthermore, children born out of wedlock, like in a live-in relationship, have rights on the property of the parents if there is any.

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5) Laws concerning Live-In relationships:

There are laws in the Indian Constitution that protect the concerned individuals. As for the other countries, the understanding of what a couple and a family are is broader than what is perceived in India. That much is evident from their legal terms of cohabitation, prenuptial agreements, domestic partnership, and the like. India has the Domestic Violence Act, the purview of which says that the woman in a relationship with a man that resembles marriage, can go to court if she has been abused. It also protects the financial rights as it also includes financial abuse. The Supreme Court has ruled that if a couple lives like a husband and a wife for extended periods of time and have children, they would be presumed to be married.

6) Notion and Thinking:

The notion of live-in relationships in India is nothing new. Moreover, it has been a standard norm in many tribes. People believe that marriage comes with its own set of pros and cons, the cons being the impositions which are laid on the women. The State Women Commission of Madhya Pradesh recommended that these kinds of relationship should be deemed legal in order to secure the rights of women in tribal areas. The internet has even websites that offer the services to find you a partner for a live-in relationship. So the notion of live-in relationships is also changing from the one that was “the rebellion of the youth”.

7) Official Documents:

Live-In couples often face trouble when it comes to visas, insurance, and even joint accounts. They have to go through a lot of hassle just because they are not married and are in a live-in relationship.

So, these were some of the key steps and points that you have to keep in mind when considering a Live in relationship in India.  These are the views and notions that the general population of the country has. You can take points from the above steps to avoid the hassle and have a successful Live in relationship in India.