Want to impress a girl? Looking for How to make a girl like you? Well, I would like to begin by writing: “He wasn’t sure when it happened or when it exactly started. All he knew for sure it was happening right here and now, he was falling hard and would only pray she was feeling the same way.”

how to make a girl like you

How to make a girl like you?

Usually guys assume that a girl stares or flirts with them just for fun but in reality there are chances that we also like you. However, there are also chances we are just doing it for fun as all of us are not same. And what’s wrong in? Flirting is healthy!

What about that time when you are madly in love with a girl and not sure about the feelings. So you gather some guts and indirectly put a hint and response to that hint she says, “I have never really thought of you as more than a friend.” Yes, here your heart falls into pieces.

When you fall for a girl, you’d just want to know what is she thinking and whether she likes you or not. Isn’t it? But unless you don’t make her want you, she won’t value you. Maybe take you for granted and then you are soon ‘friendzoned’ – so better take some time, play it easy and help her to know how amazing and perfect you are for her.

So here are some easy steps to follow on how to make a girl like you.

Don’t rush– Yes, It’s okay to take some time and wait for the right moment. Chase her but at the same time, make her also work for your love. Don’t be too soon to pour your feelings in her plate.

Give her time- It’s good to give right amount of time and attention. But make sure about the ‘right time’. Don’t be 24*7 available for her as there are high chances that you will be taken for granted. That does not mean you become a jerk and don’t help her out when she needs you the most.  Giver her right amount of attention, message her or call her at least once in a day. However not all the time as sometimes it’s very irritating (trust me)

Groom a bit- Dress up man, look and smell good as they are one of things which girls get attracted to. Though looks are not the top most priority for many girls but it does matter. It will create a much better first impression.

Be a dependable guy- Help her out, suggest her and be the guy she can depend on. Girls love when they have someone there to protect her, doesn’t matter how much she shows she doesn’t need your help, but deep down she needs you. Always have her back and make her feel safe. There are more chances of her falling for you.

Go out on dates- Oh yes, girls love going out and some like me loves trying out new food places. So be her food buddy and help her out to explore more places. Trying to have some alone time is something every important and tough, so take her whenever you get the opportunity.

 Leave hints- Most important thing, don’t keep it on her to assume or know what you feel about her, as it is not possible till you drop some hints. Don’t even think about the ‘Ek tarfa pyaar’ crap, as it only works in Karan Johar’s film. Try to put hints and rest leave it on her to understand.

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Touch- Don’t underestimate the power of touch which most of the guys do. When talking to her, look for an excuse to touch her. But don’t make her feel uncomfortable. Put your hand on her shoulder while walking or hold her hand while crossing the road. Hug her for longer time than necessary while saying goodbye but not if you feel resistance from her side.

Loving the tips? Continue reading! We have more on how to make a girl like you. 

 Make her miss you- This is to be done when you have developed a comfort level between each other. When you have started talking or meeting for longer period. Just leave the conversation when it has started becoming interesting, let her know how busy your next few days are going to be and how you won’t be able to meet her. Make her realise how much she needs you and will miss you.

 Let her dominate- Let her control for some time; let her decide where you want to go, what to eat, etc. As girls love when someone lets her dominate. But also don’t lose your control; be smart to put your point.

 Take care of her like your girlfriend- I know, ‘Baby’ and ‘Baba’ sounds very annoying but trust me it works when all of sudden used in middle of the conversation. Let her decide what song to be played from your phone, let her hold your phone and its okay if she knows your password(till it doesn’t have something to hide), giving password to her will definitely build a trust and will also make her feel like your girlfriend.

 Appreciate her- ‘Tarrif’ is a must, to impress her and to make her fall for you, you HAVE TO appreciate her. Whether it’s her work, her lipstick or her clothes just say it’s beautiful. (:D)

Honestly, there is nothing which can make someone fall for someone or something; it’s the feelings which rule it all. But for those feelings to approach above steps are important.

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