The trend and craziness for buying an iPhone is a never-ending process that the generation is following blindly. No wonder, the Apply Inc. organization is putting day, and night to manufacture the latest trending iPhones with perfection UI/UX experience, and attracting users towards IOS with its sky-touching costs.

People who trust online purchasing without any verification fall into the trap of online disputes, and a similar incident has happened with a Thailand guy.

Another online thing that easily catches the attention of shoppers and iPhone lovers are the deals & offers running on certain e-commerce platforms. People think they can buy iPhone at such a low cost and then ends up complaining about a refund.

The guy from Thailand was just surfing the internet, where the guy saw that iPhone is being sold at a very cheap, and keeping the cheap cost in mind, the guy in no time ordered the phone, and when he received the parcel, he was shocked to see what he received.

Guy Orders Cheap iPhone Online, Receives iPhone Shaped Coffee Table Instead

In the shape of an iPhone, it was a coffee table that occupies a lot of space in the room, and you can place a good amount of things on it. This is not just a story of a guy but we must also learn from it. It should be our core responsibility to verify everything before we make a purchase, especially when it is a costly product.