Saying good night to your close ones bears a fantastic sense of familiarity. But if your loved ones are not with you at the moment, an excellent good night text will always bring a smile to their faces. Good night status videos are also a great way to wish your close ones. So check out our list of nice and thoughtful good night status videos to wish your family and friends.

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It is essential to wish good night to your parents at the end of the day. As a child, you are well aware of how much struggle your parents go through daily to make your life easier. So, after a hard day’s work, even the smallest gesture of wishing them good night can really take away much tiredness from them. It shows how much you care for them in just two words. Wishing your parents good night is very essential to keep your relationship with them substantial and lovely.

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If you are a parent, make it necessary to wish your children a good night before going to bed. Not only does that make the unique bonding between children and their parents alive, but it also helps in teaching your little one’s values of life which they should abide by no matter what.

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Regardless of how long you have been in a relationship with your lover, wishing them a good night every night is essential. Hoping your special good night evokes great feelings of love, compassion, and care. It conveys that no matter how busy you have been through the day, you will never forget to take time out to wish him or her. The same thing goes for your friends too.

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If texts bore you, you can always use some of our mesmerizing good night status videos to wish everyone on your contact. All of us have set sail in the dangerous sea of life, which presents us with unexpected ups and downs throughout the journey. And whenever the down hits us, we need some people on our side to inspire us to keep moving forward. At this moment, a simple act of saying good night literally uplifts our mood. So be a generous and inspiring person and use a good night status video from our list according to your preference to make your relationship with everyone solid and beautiful.

A fantastic good night video speaks a lot, Share it with your crush and bring a smile on their face before they go off to bed.