A father plays the important role in every child’s life and it becomes really difficult to even imagine a life with the absence of the father. It is believed that parents can sacrifice all of their dreams and needs just for their child, and this father has proved it. And when it comes to seeing the magical relationship of a father and the daughter, no one can deny the fact that every father is their daughter’s first prince, and they protect them like anything.

Considering all of this, there is this dad who is 60 years old father who decided to quit his 40 years job just to be with her daughter as she is working with a rival company. He happily joined his daughter’s company just to be with her in all of her ups and downs.

This story is about Safia Anisa shared this beautiful story where she mentioned that her father used to work as a pilot for the Malaysian airlines since past 40 years. Her father quit his job after knowing that his both daughters Anisa and the other one got selected in Air Asia.

She also said that her father has joined Airasia as a junior pilot so that he can happily cherish life with his daughters. Even he said to his previous company that he doesn’t want any grand celebration for the retirement with MAL, he simply wanted to quit and join his daughters.

Dad left the Airlines he’s been working for 40 years so that he could fly with his two daughters.

The moment she shared her father’s story on her Twitter handle, Twitter users started commenting on her tweet with full positivity and appreciated her father’s decision. This is true that today everybody is so busy that they have forgotten to spend the moments with their family members but this father proved that everything can be kept aside when it comes to your child.