College is often associated with joy and carelessness. Student years broaden our horizons, form our personalities, and help find like-minded people, of course. At the same time, many struggles with homesickness. This time can be gloomy, anxiety-inducing, and overall lonely.

Feeling Homesick

Some may miss the simplest things from home—for example, the smell of apple pie cooked by Mum, favorite pillow, or morning walks with a dog. Homesickness is something we all go through, and in this article, we’ve put together a few ways to overcome it faster.

Surround Yourself With Something Familiar

The first step to creating a comfortable environment is to keep beloved stuff at hand. It can be a family picture, a teddy bear, or a figurine you received for your sixth birthday. Anything that allows you to feel connected to your home will work.

Also, do what you enjoy doing at home. It can be your favorite rituals or a little tradition with your siblings, like making chocolate muffins or Tuesday movie nights, etc. If you adored bowling or visited some speaking club, look for them in a new place. 

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Accept That Homesickness Is Absolutely Normal

Now that you have a minute to yourself, you need to understand that being homesick is okay. Each of us has a need to feel loved and secure. As psychologists say, homesickness becomes an issue when we miss something that seems stable, comfortable, and pleasant. But life is all about change, and growth is always accompanied by stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. 

We can all admit that homesickness is inevitable. Still, you will get used to a new place over time, and you are definitely not the only one who experiences these feelings.

Share Your Emotions

We may avoid talking about homesickness for many reasons. Sometimes we don’t want others to see us as weak or miserable and, thus, are ashamed of these emotions. Some believe that discussing homesickness will only make it stronger, but this isn’t true. When we share feelings we go through, we are more likely to cope with them.

Choose someone you can trust. For instance, you can talk to a university psychologist, parent, close friend, or therapist—they will surely listen to you. Remember that asking for help doesn’t make you weak. On the contrary, admitting that you need help is a brave and mature step, not something to be ashamed of.

Start Keeping A Diary

Another great way to express emotions is to share them on paper. First, it will allow you to gather your thoughts in one place and process everything that happened to you after relocation. This has a lot in common with talking to a good old friend who is free from criticism and judgment. You can be one hundred percent sincere in your diary, sharing all the joys and sorrows in it.

Second, such a journal allows you to learn more about yourself. A huge number of tasks, constant haste, and racing—all these things fill our reality, making it hard to hear our inner voice.

In fact, to know yourself better, it’s not necessary to master some difficult meditations or techniques. Sometimes it is enough to arm yourself with a pen, paper and write about everything that comes to mind. Switch off your logic and sincerely describe whatever comes to mind.

The true essence of journaling is to forget about the analysis of what was written. Then, you will reveal what is stored in your subconscious and sort out the suppressed feelings. But be prepared: things that appear on paper may surprise you.

Do Sports

Numerous researchers claim that physical activity produces endorphins that improve our emotional state. They help fight the anxiety and depression that often accompany homesickness. It would be best to exercise in a group – this way, you’ll raise chances to meet new people and become friends with them. You can also get a pet and walk them as a way to distract yourself.

Keep In Touch With Family 

When adapting to a new place, it is important to feel support and connection. Basically, you are only separated from your loved ones by distance, and you can still see them via video calls. Tell each other about everyday little things, and record audio messages, so it will not seem that they are somewhere far away. But don’t forget about making new acquaintances, so it’s best to find a balance between keeping old connections and building new ones.

For example, if you want to talk to your Mum for the third time in a day instead of drinking coffee with a new friend, better choose the second option. 

Find the Connection Between Old and New

Make a list of the people you miss and the emotions you experienced with them. What did you do together? What did you like most about the character of these people? Perhaps by finding similar qualities in those around you, you will realize that life in a new place can turn out to be even more exciting.

What else makes us feel strong emotions, in addition to people? Places, of course! Surely, in your hometown, there was a coffee shop or park where you felt peace and tranquility. Why don’t you find something similar in a new place?

Feeling Homesick at College

Be Brave

Shyness and vulnerability are normal for all human beings. However, if you don’t take risks and overcome them, you will miss out on plenty of opportunities! Accept invitations to events or parties even if you don’t know anyone there. Even talking to one person can help you fight social anxiety. Plus, you will prove to yourself that you can handle everything, which will greatly increase your self-esteem.

Wrapping Up

When dealing with negative feelings, it’s essential to get out of the house instead of being isolated. It is unlikely that you will get better if you spend your days locked up watching TV shows or listening to sad songs over and over again. Better spend more time outside: read books in the park or do your homework at the coffee shop. If you are surrounded by people, you will not feel so lonely.

Don’t be upset if you don’t fall in love with a new place right away. It doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. And next time you feel homesick, remember that you can reach your loved ones via messengers at any time. And try to focus on the good things that happen to you each day in the new place. We assure you, there will be plenty of them over time.