Diwali In India: Festive Feeling is the most wanted moment during a whole year, folks wait for their birthdays to come and the holy festivals to arrive. The festive feeling brings such pleasure among the family members that they celebrate it together with prosperity.

As India is the land of great festivals that any tourist may get attracted to the rituals performed by Indians. The nation’s culture resides in the soul of its people this is the primer reason India is such a diverse country because its people kept their ancient traditions alive and also practice them gradually.

Not only festivals are to celebrate and enjoy but also to leave all the sufferings aside and give a fresh start for a relationship, thoughts, etc. There have been more than thousands of rituals present in the Indian festival that makes it complete just like in northern India the ghat Pooja at Prayagraj, Hrishikesh is done swiftly.

In southern India the Pongal festival, The harvest festival dedicated to the sun god. On the east side, most of the festivals are tribal which had its unique taste. However, there are common festivals in India celebrated primarily by Hindus but accepted by all. Such festivals are Diwali, Holi, Mahashivratri, Janmashtami, and Dushera.

They are the pride of Indian tourists who often come to experience the greatness of these and to grab the vibes that come from these holy fiestas. Occasions are the part of one’s life that comes with a positive vibe and give people a chance to relish the surroundings filled with positivity.

Sometimes occasions do magic by bringing family members closer even people with distinct religions celebrate each other festivals and this increases friendship among people. It is widely accepted that by adoring festivals people forget each other’s sins and give chance to be a good person in life. So basically, festivals kill the devil of a person. So do the message of auspicious Diwali is, to kill the devil inside us and to believe within.

Diwali In India : 9 Ways and Places to Celebrate Diwali in India

diwali in india

The reason why Deepawali is celebrated by fast people is the Hindu god lord Rama, the incarnation of lord Vishnu came to his kingdom after 14 years of exile and killed the most hazardous demons including Ravana. It is believed that truth always wins over false. So this blissful and optimistic festival of Diwali is adored in India.

An Occasion is acknowledged by different styles such as many burst heavy noisy crackers in the sky at night. Many become gourmet and try fried recipes with awesome flavors the sauce. Many lit diyas in their home decorate the floor with Rangoli designs. Many believe to clean their living space. Enormous ways to honor an occasion. But what is the best way to do that? Check out the list below.

1) Vadodara:

9 Reasons Why Living In Vadodara Is Awesome

Whenever we talk about Vadodara, the very first thing that hit our minds is the level at which all kinds of festivals are celebrated in this city. Purchasing is a vital task to be completed first, and when in Vadodara you will find thousands of varieties that you can buy this Diwali. If you have just moved into your new home then at the initial step, make a list of those items that you are thinking to buy your new home. As new things change the atmosphere of the house plus it will add more sugar to the festival.

2) Taste the food of Jaipur on Diwali:

diwali in jaipur

If somebody is fond of exploring new food every time or cooking new dishes then this fiesta is appropriate. Let others know your talent and get impressed by self-prepared traditional food items. You can celebrate Diwali in Jaipur.

3) Celebrate Diwali at Ganga Ghat, Varanasi:

diwali in varanasi

As Diwali is the festival of light so lighting diyas will give a festive feel let hour whole house be lightened by wax light or with Matti diyas. And one of the most amazing places to feel the lightning of diyas is Varanasi. You must check out the Ganga ghat on this occasion.

4) Goa:

diwali in goa

How can we not include Goa in celebrating Diwali? Have you ever imagined how memorable it will be to celebrate Diwali with your loved ones at beachside? Even if you are a local person of Goa, decorating the floor of the house would be the best way to spread your talented art by making a proper Rangoli. Using distinct colors will make the ambiance of the surroundings pleasant.

5) Amritsar, the gold city:

diwali in amritsar

Don’t miss the chance to visit Amritsar this Diwali if you are getting one. With the blessings of the Golden Temple, you can enjoy buying gold on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras plus you can enjoy Diwali too.

6) Mumbai, the city of dreams:

diwali fireworks at marine drive

During the bursting of cracker, some major points should be kept in mind because crackers are risky for small children. So be safe on Deepawali. Mumbai is one of those cities that never sleep, and watching the sky on the day of Diwali in Mumbai will be a completely different experience.

7) Kolkata:

When the Diwali festival is near, the city of Durga maa, Kolkata prepares itself to celebrate Durga pooja at a grand level. If you are a tourist in India then you must visit the Durga pooja in Kolkata as well as you must feel the charm of Diwali in that city.

8) Delhi:

diwali in delhi

While exploring the 9 Ways and Places to Celebrate Diwali in India, make sure to send your heartfelt Diwali wishes, quotes, messages, SMS, and greetings to your loved ones.

We all are aware of the fact that Delhi is the most polluted city of India, so this Diwali if you are in Delhi, you can make it special by bursting eco-friendly green crackers which leads to low pollution.

As you plan your Diwali celebration in India, share your excitement with Happy Diwali status videos that capture the essence of this beautiful festival.

9) Kerala:

diwali in kerala

Diwali is a time for joy, laughter, and fun, and what better way to share the spirit of the festival than with the funniest Happy Diwali memes as you explore places to celebrate in India?

In the end, if you don’t like to burn crackers, what you can do is visit Kerala with your family, friends, or loved ones and make memories there. Cities in India like Kerala, Ooty, Coorg, and Manali are considered the heavens of India and you can visit them there if you love to explore new places.

Celebrate the festival of lights with a variety of Happy Diwali images, photos, pics, wallpapers, and pictures in HD, and discover the magic of Diwali in India.


So, this Diwali celebrates in a different style or by making everyone happy and burning the devil inside you such as your ego, negative attitude, greed, consuming alcohol habit. And let everyone know the new you.

Team Don’t Get Serious wishes to all our lovely readers and viewers a very happy and safe Diwali. We wish you all get what you wish for and that your life stays complete. For time being we are signing off but soon we will be back with another interesting article. Stay tuned and be with us if you want to keep reading about interesting things. Life is a very short journey, you never know what will happen so don’t get serious and live your life to the fullest. HAPPY DIWALI!

When you’re exploring the 9 Ways and Places to Celebrate Diwali in India, don’t forget to consider some wonderful Diwali gift ideas for your family and friends.