Full Form Of Visa : Visitors International Stay Admission – Visa is considered as one of the most important document when you are travelling to some other country. If you will lose the visa, it will be a big trouble for you because you won’t be able to return to your country until you complete all the government procedure regarding the new visa. Getting a new visa in other country is not at all an easy process, so it is highly recommended that if you are going outside your country, then take a proper care of your visa.

Let’s see more about Full Form Of Visa and what is importance of Visa

The full form of visa is Visitors International Stay Admission. In other means or language, we can say it is a “paper which has been seen” of every individual travelling out of the country.

full form of visa

It is a authorization paper which means that you are allowed to enter the country for a particular time period. Once that time period is over, you need to get your VISA renewed.

Types Of VISA

As I said, there is a time limit till which you can stay in a country, you get a VISA according to the work you have in other country. If you are visiting your relatives, you will get long stays visas or if you or going for work you will get short stay visas, like this there are multiple type of visas, let’s see which are they:

1) By Purpose Visas:

  • Transit Visa.
  • Short-stay or visitor visa.
  • Long-stay visa.
  • Immigrant visa.
  • Official visas.

2) By method of issue:

  • On-arrival visa.
  • Electronic visa.
  • Electronic Travel Authorization.

visa full form

VISA Refusal Reasons:

If you are trying to get visa, but the proposal is getting rejected always, then here are some reasons:

  • You may have committed some fraud or have provided some wrong information in your previous application.
  • You are not able to provide all the required documents.
  • You do not have any kind of travel insurance (in some countries, having travel insurance is necessary).

These were some important information regarding VISA. We hope all your questions and doubts about full form of visa is solved.