It seems that COVID19 doesn’t have any mood to leave Mumbai sooner. Since March, there is a rapid increase in the number of Corona cases in Mumbai. Earlier, Dharavi was a hotspot. However, it’s under control. But now, areas in North Mumbai like Dahisar, Borivali, Kandivali, Malad, and Mulund are emerging as new hotspots.

Why these areas are having a high number of COVID19 cases?

Dahisar, Borivali, Kandivali, Malad and Mulund Record The Highest Coronavirus Growth Rate In Mumbai

Before the lockdown phase, the number of cases in these regions was on a lower end. But with Unlock – 1 and offices starting, people started coming out of their houses. With that people’s movement, these cases are now increasing rapidly. At present, the growth rate of Corona cases in Mumbai stands at 1.58%

But, there are 10 wards in Mumbai, where the growth rate is above than entire Mumbai. As we reported earlier that These Regions in Mumbai Are Witnessing 200% Monthly Growth in COVID19 Cases! Out of the wards with a high growth rate, Ward – T i.e. Mulund leads with a case growth rate of 3.4%.

Besides that, the growth of cases in Ward – R including the areas of Dahisar, Borivali and Kandivali is also on a higher end. While Borivali has a growth rate of 3.2%, it is 2.8% in Dahisar. Apart from that, the growth rate of COVID19 cases in Kandivali is 2.5% and Malad is 2.3%

Here is the quick glimpse on the doubling rate of cases in these wards:

  • For Mulund is 18 Days
  • Borivali is 22 Days
  • Kandivali has 25 Days
  • Dahisar has 28 Days
  • While Malad has 31 Days

BMC is already taking strict measures to combat the spread of COVID19. Several apartments are sealed and there is a restriction on people’s movement. But, Coronavirus is moving freely and people are falling victim to it.