The cases of COVID19 are showing exponential growth in Mumbai. This high growth rate is further bringing a lot of trouble for Mumbaikars, patients as well as the relatives of patients. It is quite noteworthy that patients with mild symptoms can opt for Home-Treatment.

For such patients, the shortage of life-saving medications is becoming huge trouble. Hospitals across Mumbai were receiving these drugs from two main distributors. However, from this week, even these distributors ran out of stock. A gradual increase in the number of cases is the prime reason responsible for that.

What is the Maharashtra Government doing for Life-Saving Drugs?

Mumbai Facing Shortage Of Life-Saving Drugs Like Remdesivir And Tocilizumab

Dr. Jitendra Awhad, State Cabinet Minister blames Central Government and demands to prevent black marketing of drugs in the market. Here is his tweet

Well-know pharmaceutical company Cipla is the major supplier of these two drugs in Mumbai. However, stocks are over in the company along with the two major distributors. i.e. Byculla Pharmacy and SK Distributors. Amid all of this shortage of drugs, there is also good news for Mumbaikars.

In a statement, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation said

The recovery rate of COVID-19 patients in Mumbai has improved to 67%. While, the city has 23,915 active COVID-19 cases, the average growth rate of cases in the city has dropped to 1.49%

Per the latest update, the total number of Corona cases in Mumbai is 88,795. On Thursday, there was an increase of 1,282 COVID19 patients in the city.

In this phase, cooperation between the State and the Central Government is necessary. Instead of blaming each other, governments must ensure an adequate supply of both the medications. Only this will prevent the hurdle in the treatment of the patients.