We have something special for all the Daaru lovers who like to enjoy couple of drinks.

A For Addha

a for addha

B For Beer

b for beer

C For Cheers

c for cheers

D For Dry day

d for dry day

E For English Daaru

e for english daaru

F For Feni (kaju feni)

f for kaju feni

G For Gin

g for gin

H For Hangover

h for hangover

I For Ice

i for ice

J For Jaam

j for jaam

K For Khamba

k for khamba

L For Large Peg

l for large

M For Martini Vodka

m for martini vodka

N For Narangi Desi Daaru

n for narangi daaru bar

O For Opener

o for bottle opener

P For Patiala Peg

p for patiala peg

Q For Quarter

q for quarter

R For Rum

r for rum

S For Soda

s for soda

T For Tully Ho Gaya Hu Bhai

t for tully

U For Ulti

u for ulti

V For Vodka Simranoff

v for vodka

W For Whisky

w for whisky

X For XXX Rum

x for xxx rum

Y For Yaar, Tu Toh Mera Bhai Hai

y for yaar hai tu mera

Z For Zyada Ho Gai Hai Bhai

z for zyada ho gai


All the image source :-  happilyunmarried blog