10 Common Mistakes to Refrain When You Visit London


Whenever we travel, there are trillions of things that we plan to do. But what we do not realize is there are plenty of mistakes too when we visit to explore a new city. Beneath listed are some common mistakes not to do when you visit London.

Common Mistakes to Refrain When You Visit London

 After reading the complete guide, you will surely make a bit of change in your plan because we only want you to enjoy your exciting trip completely, and it is our responsibility to tell you what you must avoid making your experience more adventurous.

1) Spending Time and cash at the London Eye

Visiting the London Eye is considered one of the common mistakes in London travel once it involves discussion. The London Eye shouldn’t be at the highest of your London bucket list.

Though the view from the London eye is a “not-to-miss” thing, it moves at a very slow speed, and it is recommended that visiting the London Eye should be at the bottom in the list, that is after completing all other main attractions.

2) Skipping Free Attractions

 In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, most museums that receive public funding supply admission either for complimentary or at a greatly reduced worth that is no tiny statement.

Among the gems that are free in London: British Museum (arguably one of all the best museums within the world), Tate Modern, National Gallery, and the National Maritime Museum in nearby Greenwich.

Beyond trying to find free museums, take time to think about alternative London experiences that are free and unforgettable.

For example, a stroll on the Thames drinking within the sights and sounds of the town doesn’t involve any tolls or entry fees. Spacious Hyde Park is another example of an area wherever time is well spent however hard currency isn’t necessary.

3) Paying Too Much for a Simple Room

 The areas in the London unit some beautiful rooms and a few of the world’s finest hotels operate here. However, even a standard area is often quite overpriced.

It’s no secret that places thought of overpriced cities ofttimes acquire their reputations because of enthusiastically lodging expenses.

London lodging choices embody a good choice of hostels, bed and breakfast accommodations that may place you in a very Londoner’s spare sleeping room for the night, associated even places that may realize you to get a flat on rent for 1 or 2 weeks.

The price for these arrangements is often considered but what you’d obtain a sleeping room, however, it does not perpetually compute that method. The secret is to explore what would possibly work for your budget and itinerary and avoid paying an excessive amount of space.

4) Skipping Free Breakfast at the Hotel

English breakfasts are meant to be hearty. If you are doing finish up at a building or bed and breakfast institution, the likelihood is that you will be served a filling meal to begin the day. Unless there’s an associate extravagant charge for it, you ought to build it normal observe to eat up.

Here’s why: different meals in London can return at a considerable value. Several budget travelers notice it informed eat their fills at breakfast and so maybe limit lunch to an affordable snack on the go. This approach frees up cash for dinner.

It’s best to eat as locals eat as you propose your meal strategy. In France, breakfast is usually a pastry and a few low. In the nice United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, if your patron is giving a giant breakfast, do not skip it.

5) Overpaying for London Taxi Cabs

Some guests to London create it a habit to ride within the black cabs that traverse town. Once, they were abundant larger and additional luxurious than they’re these days. However, several guests still hail cabs as a result of their intimidated by the map of London’s advanced subway system (commonly referred to as the Tube or Underground) or they like seeing the town on top of the ground.

You’ll be able to travel the London Underground for regarding $11 with a one-day travel card sensible for unlimited travel in 2 London zones.

6) Not having an adaptor

This is one of the most common mistakes tourists make in London. Whenever you are traveling, make sure you are carrying your adapter because you cannot expect it to be handy everywhere. Especially whenever you traveling for fun, but on the other hand, you can have your professional meeting as well.

So, don’t let this silly mistake ruin your trip as well as your work life. The standard voltage in London is 220v, so you can easily carry an adapter having 100-240V.

7) Tipping too much

Different countries have a different tipping culture. While in the US tipping is commonplace; English people do not entertain tipping or do so on a smaller scale. So, you can go easy on your pocket when it comes to tipping in a restaurant. However, if you are dining at a fancy eatery; it is expected of you to pay service charge so a 10 to 15 percent tip is more than enough for such places.

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8) Only eating fish and chips

London is a mixing cauldron for various cultures. It offers a wide variety of cuisines to satisfy your hunger. It has many Indian restaurants offering spicy Indian dishes. Therefore, do not settle for only fish and chips. There are other delicious English dishes that you can try like Yorkshire pudding, bangers, and mash, etc. Last but not the least, do not miss out on trying full English breakfast!!

9) Not using coins for making payment

If in India or the US, the currency of smaller denomination is not much in circulation but in London pennies and pounds are readily accepted everywhere. Use the one-pound or two-pound coins to buy yourself a decent lunch or even London Souvenirs. Try to use and finish these coins as much as possible because once you are out of the UK, you will not be able to exchange them for other currencies.

One other use of these coins is that you can donate it to the airlines which gives them away in charity.

10) Not exploring different places

To truly experience a place look beyond visiting the famous landmarks. After visiting the Camden, Leicester Square, and Trafalgar Square keep a day or two to visit the countryside. Try finding out about various interesting places that can be visited by local people and go on to explore them.


That’s the top 10 most common mistakes tourists make when you visit London. After reading this guide, we hope that you will avoid doing these mistakes. Enjoy!

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